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A Sunday Thought

A Sunday Thought~ “Fit” Into Your Mold

A Sunday Thought~ “Fit” Into Your Mold

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Matthew 12: 37 says…by your words you will be justified…., and

by your words you will be condemned….In other words, the way we talk

and think about ourselves reveals how we feel about ourselves.

I make mistakes, I compare myself to others, and I sometimes

want to “Fit” into someone else’s mold. I am asking God to help me

“Fit” into my own mold.

But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. 
For every man shall bear his own burden.
Galatians 6:4-5
My thoughts this past week have been on pretending.
Pretending that I need to “fit” into someone else’s mold.
Have you ever felt like this?
Ever feel like someone is trying to “fit” into your mold?
Hear me out; We don’t fit into somebody else’s mold; and other people don’t fit into our mold as. So we should all stop trying. God likes us all. He wants me to be the best Naomi can be, not aspire to be like somebody else.
I talked to a friend last week about this topic and she had some really good advice; “Just be yourself!” It hit me on the head like a hammer on a nail. What God wants us to be is ourselves.
After my chat with my friend, my attitude changed and my thoughts were redirected. I dared myself to be happy. Happiness comes to us by accepting ourselves (the opposite of being insecure). Many social, physical, and emotional problems stem from the fact that we aren’t happy ourselves (insecure), and so we try to “fit” into someones else’s mold. Our thoughts are negative. We are always comparing ourselves and wishing we were different. Ever feel this way?
I won’t lie, that is how I was last week. I was pretending. I wanted to “fit” into someone else’s mold. After I hit my head with the hammer, I rethought my approach. I was created to be ME. God made us all different for a reason. He has a goal for each of us. We need to be a God-pleaser, not a man-pleaser. This week I am going to work on my own mold. I am going to be happy. And my new attitude is this:
I am confident in who I am. I’m not going to go around pretending, wishing I were something else, trying to fit into somebody’s else’s mold. I am going to be happy myself and leave out the negative. I want to have courage to “Fit” into my own mold.
Who is in with me? Do you “Fit” in your mold?
Happy Monday, dear friends!!

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