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A Battle In Your Head

A Battle in Your Head

Let me ask you.Have you ever had a battle with yourself?Have you won the battle in your head?Do you consider yourself a warrior? I can tell you one thing; I have been having quite a few battles within my head.…

41 And A Few Lessons Learned

41 and a Few Lessons Learned

Today is my 41st birthday, and to be honest I’m happy to embrace being another year older. Laugh lines, sun spots, calloused hands and loose skin are surface signs that I’ve lived well! I’m a big birthday fan. I think…

2019 Ranch Rodeo/Bronc Bash

2019 Ranch Rodeo/Bronc Bash

The 2020 WSRRA Ranch Rodeo and Ranch Bronc Riding rodeo trail started off the year with a sanctioned event in Torrington, Wyoming. Thirty cowboys/cowgirl came from Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Arizona, Nevada and South Dakota to ride a ranch…

2019 Has Taken Us On A Detour

2019 Has Taken us on a Detour

2019!! What a year for us on the Circle L. It has taken us on a little detour for sure but we also learned a few lessons. You see, just when we thought we had the ranching business figured out,…

2019 Bomb Cyclone Diary

2019 Bomb Cyclone Diary

This is my diary of the Blizzard of March 2019 aka Bomb Cyclone and also known as Ulmer. At the time of these diary entries, we had just started calving with about 25 head on the ground. Dear Dairy, Friday,…

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