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Fun Fact Friday~MOOO’ VIN Mag

Fun Fact Friday~MOOO’ VIN Mag

Cow, Mama Cow, Milk Cow, Magnesium
Cattle nutrition is important to have healthy mama cows.
Cows like this require magnesium when they are producing milk for her calf.
 ~Moo’Vin Mag
(Photo Credit to Katie Childers) 

As I drive to and from work and school, or ride thru our cattle,  you can see a green tint on the hills, or in the meadows. Here in western Nebraska, we have already had a number of days in the 60’s and 70’s and we have had quite a bit of moisture. The moisture in the ground and the sun is enough to bring out the green tint, the cool season grasses.  Grass tetany season is about to start…
Grass Tetany Causes Problems:
Grass tetany in cows is caused by the rapidly growing cool season grasses. The grasses don’t have enough magnesium to support a cow’s needs. You will see that grass tetany is more prevalent in cool springs or after a cool stretch of weather in a wet spring. Mama cows are most vulnerable to grass tetany once they calve. Mama cows that are lactating have a higher requirement for magnesium than a nonlactating mama cow.   In fact, their requirement for magnesium will almost double at this time. 
Grass Tetany Has a Fix:
Mama cows cannot store all the magnesium in their bodies that they need. We, as cattle producers must provide adequate amounts of magnesium to our cattle daily. 

I have the Solution:
That is where Double A Feeds comes to the rescue. You see, this time of year we are busy selling Magnesium. Magnesium comes in loose mineral, blocks, or in Crystalyx Supplement Tubs. Magnesium is not a tasty mineral, it actually is really bitter. Crystalyx Supplement Tubs and Hubbard Mineral uses molasses to encourage mama cows to consume their daily need of magnesium.  

What Circle L Does:
Circle L Ranch lies in the Sandhills of Nebraska and we are blessed with meadows that green up early in the spring. My Cowboy and I make sure that our mama cows have magnesium available to them all spring long!

Happy Friday, have a good weekend?

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