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Happy Holidays From Our Outfit To Yours.

2017! Our Year in Review

2O17! Our Year in Review!

2017 at the Circle L Ranch

Cody & I Celebrated 19 Years of Marriage

Cade 15 Years old

Kason 13 Years old

Ryder & Reata 7 Years old

Cody and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary in the air. I got to be the pilot. It was amazing.

Our Family Favorites:

Restaurant: Ole’s and Taco Johns

Food: Beef and Cheese (And Herseys Chocolate Bars)

Activity: Riding Horses

Color(s): Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Pink

We welcomed these new members to our Ranch:

Goats (The kids wanted to expand some more on their Goat Business)

Adding Kids!!

Kason Kept a Puppy we raised (Blue)

“Blue” Kason’s project, I mean working buddy.

Colts (Cody wanted a couple projects)

Kittens (To keep the mouse population down)

A few Heifers and a couple Bulls!

We added this Longhorn to the herd this year. He is quite the character. We are excited to see his babies.

Cade’s Highlights:

He’s in 9thGrade.

He’s taller than Mom and almost his Dad

Plays Football & Basketball & Track.

He is active in FFA and 4-H.

He is active in FCA.

Has Excellent Grades.

Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer of the 2017 Morrill County Fair.

2017 Morrill County Fair Rate of Gain Champion-Steer

Bought a couple show heifers. (I can not wait for this adventure)

He is on his 2nd year of training his colts.

He broke his nose in football and had to have his tonsils and adenoids out.

His future plans include going to college in Ag, a few classes on mechanics and coming back to the ranch.

#12 Cade Loomis 2017 -2018 Bridgeport Bulldogs Picture Credit to Kevin Myers

Super Proud of these two young men. Pictured with Cole Faessler

#88 Cade in Bridgeport Football High School                    He had a great season.

Cade and his heifer at the 2017 Morrill County Fair. This heifer was Reserve Champion Breeding. She is expecting a baby in March.

Cade and Cody Cade is a great hand.

John Covalt and Cade. Cade bought a steer and a heifer from John. He is our 86(I think) neighbor. This steer was 4-H Champion Rate of Gain. He also received a purple ribbon. Cade had a great year with his red cattle.

Kason’s Highlights:

He’s in 7th Grade. (Hard to believe that he is in middle school.)

Plays Basketball and Football. But his favorite is football.

His future plans include playing Nebraska Husker Football and coming back to the ranch.

He is on his 2nd year starting his own colt.

He is training his own dog, Blue. He is doing a very good job.

Has Excellent Grades.

He also bought a show calf heifer. (I am excited to see what this business adventure will take the boys)

He broke is foot last year in football but we didn’t know it until this year when he started 7th grade football. He was on crutches and in a boot for 8 weeks. He is tough for sure.

Kason and his basketball team. These kids are a great group.

Kason showing his steer at the Morrill County Fair. He kept this steer out of his own herd. He got a purple on him.

Kason at the fair. I would say he has a pretty good thing going with his beef herd. Wouldn’t you?

Kason is a really good hand.

Reata’s Highlights:

She is in 1st Grade and love everyday.

Loves anything Horse.

Loves to Draw and Color.

She is getting tall.

Her future plans include being a rancher and a teacher.

Reata’s favorite place is on the back of a horse!

Helping Cody wrestle calves at branding.

Ryder and Reata showing Goats at the fair.

Ryder and Reata showing bucket calves at the fair. These two happen to be baby jerseys.


Ryder’s Highlights:

He is in 1st Grade and really likes it.

Loves anything that has to do with the Marines and guns and knives.

His future plans include joining the Coast Guard and then becoming a Marine. O, and he wants me to add that he will be flying helicopters!

O Ryder!! He keeps us on our toes for sure. Photo Credit: Kevin Myers

Ryder helping us move cows.

Fun Family Facts:

We hosted a whole school, K-12, for the Eclipse. We had over 200 kids and adults on the Circle L.

Just one of the photos of the Eclipse on the Circle L Ranch. It was AMAZING.

A photo of what the Circle L Ranch looked like heading into the the total Eclipse.

We attending a cold, fun Wyoming Cowboy Football game with some great friends. We had a great time.

I attended Young Cattlemen’s Conference. It was a 9 day trip that started in Denver and ended in Washington, DC. It was quite the eye opening experience. We tour McDonalds headquarters, Chicago, and the our capital. You can read more about that here.

This was highlight of the Year for sure. I am beyond humble for the experience of being in the Western Horseman. Thank you for all the support and thank you Jennifer Dension for the opportunity

I was featured in the June Western Horseman magazine!

Circle L colt class. He is a cutie.

Have you ever been to the White House? If you answer is no, you should get it on your list. This trip was amazing and I am thankful that I was one of the Nebraska Young Cattlemen to attend.

Young Nebraska Cattlemen Hank, Adrian Smith-U.S. Representative, Jacob

Young National Cattlemens Hank, Deb Fischer-United States Senator, Jacob

Jeff Fortenberry- U.S. Representative Nebraska

John Bacon-U.S Representative Nebraska

The twins doing twin stuff. Like doing tricks off the back of Bozo.



We are really just a ranch family that has a lot of love. Just look at this picture. It pretty well sums up what we are. Crazy.Funny.Together.

You didn’t think I could post this post without a few Circle L Ladies in it, did you? These ladies are what make our ranch work.

Cody keeps busy with chores, riding colts and day working.

Cody was Top Hand at a local ranch rodeo.

Raised 20 puppies this year.

Raised over 12 baby goats this year. They are super fun.

Favorite Family Bible Verse:

And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. (Matt 10:27 NJV)

Favorite Family Game:

Horse Racing- Marbles and UNO



The Circle L blog page went under construction this year. I moved it from blogger to wordpress. I am liking it better and I hope that you are too. My goal for the blog is to be friendly, provide you with stories, recipes, tips and love. Make sure that you sign our guest book.

With that, here is the top 5 blog post of 2017.

Circle L Ranch Blog Top 5 2017 Posts:

  1. 19 Lessons Learned from 19 Years of Marriage to a Cowboy
  2. Beef Fact Friday
  3. I Am Adopted
  4. Cowboy Boots Go to the City

We had a pretty good year, we know 2017 would not have been nearly as fun without all of our wonderful friends and family. So thanks for cheering us on, praying for us, lending a hand, and providing us with love and laughter all year long. Sending you lots of joy, peace and love this season and for the next year, 2018! We would love to hear from you!! You are always welcome. 
 ~Cody, Naomi, Cade, Kason, Ryder, Reata 

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