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Wyo Wild Ride~Gillette, Wyoming

Wyo Wild Ride~Gillette, Wyoming

Justin Quint on a rank, little bay!
I thought I would share with you a few photos that I took at the 2015 WSRRA Wyo Wild Ride in Gillette, Wyoming.  This event was produced by Tiffany Schwenke. She did an excellent job.  These are just a few shoots I took, when I had a free moment.  Thank you Tiffany for allowing me to help you with your event.
Four Three Ranch Team.

~JD Williams~

Toby Vineyard.  Toby is is the producer of the Powder River Days.
~Toby Vineyard~

A little patience is all we really need.

~Travis Casteel~

JD & Boe

~JD Williams~

~Glen Smith~

~Lane Lamphere~

~Wyatt Duncan~

Ranch Bronc Saddles really make my heart happy.  There is
not one saddle alike.  

~Wes Rosengreen~

~Brandon Bowers~

Justin Quint saddling up
One thing that I love about being a WSRRA Ranch Rodeo representative,
is the friends that I get to meet.  Justin Quint, WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding
Director is one of those people. 

~Wyatt Duncan~

Nothing that baler twine can not fix!!

What a fun trip, thanks again Tiffany! WSRRA Ranch Rodeos and WSRRA Ranch Bronc Ridings are one of my favorite activities.  Thanks for looking and have a good day!

~Wade Kornemann ~You are a fine example of courage, strength and care.~

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