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Why We Need Farmers and Ranchers….

Why We Need Farmers and Ranchers…………

Why We Need Farmers and Ranchers………….

Every year about this time I get the urge for Spring.
I get that Spring urge to clean.
I get the urge to plant a garden. Do you ever get the Spring urge?

Today I have the Spring urge to plant a garden. Cary (my Sister-In-Law) and I were discussing what we want our gardens to look like. This is our discussion:

“My garden will be beautiful, abundant and easy.”
“My garden will be big and we will save money.”

It’s good to dream, right? I mean really, all this snow we have received will help our gardens grow!!

Well then reality of life hits and so does our discussing.

“We don’t have time to care for all the plants that produce the fruits and vegetables.”
“Oh, and pulling all the weeds; who has time for that?”

So while we ponder and dream of our gardens this Spring, I had a thought!

Isn’t it so nice that there are people who are willing to work day in and day out to ensure that grocery stores, farmers markets, and meat shops carry our favorite foods?

Have you thanked a farmer or a rancher today for the food you eat?
Have you thought about why we need farmers and ranchers?

In no particular order, here are a few reasons why we all need farmers and ranchers:

God isn’t giving us any more land, therefore we need farmers and ranchers to take care of the land that is left. Farmers and Ranchers take seriously their commitment to their land and animals. One of our goals at the Circle L Ranch is to leave the land better. The only way we can do that is to take care of it.

Farmers and Ranchers know their stuff, and by stuff I mean they know the ins and outs of their operations. They know what needs to be done and when it needs done. They know when the cattle need feed and when the crops need planted. I personally know the STUFF and it is not for everyone.

Farmers and Ranchers care. No, really, we do care. Farmers and Ranchers are special characters, they are confident in what they do.

We love bananas, strawberries, rice, soybeans, corn, and so on right? Each and every farm and/or ranch has its special crop(s) they grow. At our place in the Sandhills, our soil is best known for growing grass for our cattle. Land differs around the world. We need all of these farmers and ranchers to ensure our food chain is filled with products we all like. Farmers and Ranchers know their soil, their climates, and can produce food more efficiently because they know what their land can do.

Without Farmers and Ranchers most of the world, especially those that live in cities, would lack a source of protein. I mean, the reality is that the majority of people can not raise cattle or chickens at their houses and they don’t have the time to take care of them, or space. Farmers and Ranchers ensure that we all have a valuable source of protein to add to our diet. For some good information about protein, I want you to check out my friend, Michaela’s Blog-Cowgirl Boots and Running Shoes, She does a fine job talking about health and nutrition.

We wouldn’t have clothes on our backs without Farmers and Ranchers. I know I don’t have time nor do I know how to grow and gin my own cotton. I also know that I don’t have time nor do I know how to make shoes. We need their decades of experience and traditions of growing good fuel and fiber to ensure that our life continues.

I appreciate all the farmers and ranchers that bring food to our table.
I appreciate all the farmers and ranchers that grow items so we all can be clothed.

I may or may not still have the Spring time urge for a small garden this year, but I am still thankful for all the farmers and ranchers that provide us with fresh, wholesome products we can enjoy year around.

I am still working on my Spring time urge for cleaning.  I need the Spring time maid to show up.
Do you happen to have her number?!!

Happy Friday to you all.

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