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Why Beef is Important to ME!

In celebration of May being Beef Month I decide to write……

Why Beef is Important to Me. Part 1

Beef is important to me because I am a very active person and I need vitamins, minerals and proteins to make sure I have enough energy for the day.  

Being a mom, a ranch wife, working a full time job, exercising, and my other duties;  I need to fuel my body with proteins and B vitamins.  

Beef is very important in my diet.  

Beef also has niacin which supports energy production and metabolism.  Keeping up with my calendar is important to me, but my health is also very important to me. 

Eating beef helps me maintain my personal goals.

 For more information on Beef Nutrients see:

Watch for Part 2 of,
Why Beef is Important to Me. 

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