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Why Beef is Important to me. Part 5

In celebration of May being Beef Month I decide to write……
Why Beef is Important to Me. Part 5
Beef is important to me because it brings opportunities to me and my family.  Opportunities you say?  Yes, life time opportunities!!  Opportunities that make me a better person, a better mother and a better member of our society
Opportunities like being president of the Morrill County Cattlemen.
Opportunities like telling “My Story.”  
I am proud to be an advocate for the Ag community.
 I am very proud to be part of the Beef world.
Opportunities for my kids to learn facts about life, hard work pays off, and how important Beef is to the world.
May Beef Month is very important but my family and I celebrate Beef every day!!
Beef … It’s what for Dinner!!
To learn more about my experience with YCC please ready my blog:

Youth Cattlemen’s Conference 2012
I was recommended by our local Morrill County Cattlemen to have
an opportunity to learn more about the beef industry.



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