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Why Beef is Important to Me. Part 2

In celebration of May being Beef Month I decide to write……

Why Beef is Important to Me. Part 2

It is important to feed my kids nutritious food. As you know we have four kids. They run, trot, walk, wrestle, giggle, snuggle, play, fight, grow and laugh. All this activity takes a lot of protein to maintain their growth. Beef is full of phosphorus and zinc, two very important nutrients for young kids. Phosphorus helps build strong bones and teeth, and Zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system. As a mom that wants the best for her children, I make sure that I am doing my part in insuring their future with nutritious food. Beef is one of the important parts of their diet to make sure they grow up to be the best they can be.

My kids are very active in sports.  It is
very important to me that their bodies have
fuel, so I feed them BEEF!

Kids + Water = A lot of Fun!
Healthy kids makes this Mom Happy.

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