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What If?

I love this picture of Papa’s hands.
O if hands could talk…
But they do show hard work and love.
(Picture credit to Melissa Amateis)

What if?
With all the issues facing our Ag community.  I thought about some What if’s?
A Farmer doing what they do best.
Meet my Uncle Elmer.  He and his wife
farm in Wyoming.  They raise wheat.
Ask him if he would trade a day of farming!

What if for one day you would walk in a rancher/farmer shoes?
Your thoughts may change.
Your legs would be sore.
Your heart and soul would be full.

What if for one day you traded your job for a rancher/farmer job?
You would learn that a farmer/rancher works longer, harder hours than most.
You would learn that farmers/ranchers put their animals and crops before themselves.
You would learn that they do the best that they can do.
You would learn that most farmers/ranchers live on family owned farms and ranches.  These farms and ranches have been in the family for many, many generations.
You would learn that they are stewards of the land.  They take care of their land and the wild life that roam it.   
You would learn that they pray a lot.  They get their strength from above.
You would learn that they have a set of rules for conduct that their fathers and grandfathers have taught them.

Grandpa Beaver.  I’m not sure how old that grandpa is in this picture.
I am guessing in his 90’s.  He Loved wheat harvest.  As harvest
approaches, I can remember hours and hours I spent driving a
combine.  This man taught so much to me.  If I could ask him about
being a farmer, I believe he would say, “I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.”

What if you have questions about our Ag community or about farmers/ranchers?

If you have questions about the Ag Community, farmers, or ranchers; please talk to someone that is involved in ranching or farming.  They will tell you the truth.  I can assure you that they can answer all of your questions.
What if you would think of the generations of your family?
3 Generations of Circle L Cowboys.
Papa, Kason, Cade, My Cowboy and Baby Ryder
(Photo Credit to Melissa Amateis)

Think about how your grandfather and his grandfather made their living.  I can almost bet you that it had something to do with agriculture.

When I think of the generations of my family, I think of my grandpa.  Grandpa farmed in Wyoming.  He was one of the best farmers I know.  I know that his success was from smart decisions, taking care of his land, supporting other farmers, and a lot of hard work. 
What if?  I know that you shouldn’t ask, “What if’s,” but I really want you to think about the hard working people that produce your food.
What if your roles were reversed and you were responsible for feeding the people all over the world?

I believe in the future of Agriculture and I hope you do too.

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