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Things About my Mom I Don’t Ever Want to Forget

As moms we have the power to impact our children’s lives in more ways than we know.

I have found myself telling folks around,

“If I could be any kind of Mom in the world, I would be just like my mom.” Right!

It has been 12 years since my mom died of cancer. She was my #1. We shared so many “likes”. The other day as I was checking on our cattle, I had some quiet time, I started thinking of things and memories of mom. Memories that I won’t forget. I have so many and I miss her everyday.

I decided to start marking a list.

Each of these items, memories, I treasure each and every one of them and am passing them on down to our kids.

A little about my mom!

My mom was spontaneous and quick-witted. My mom was selfless. She loved God. She loved horses. She loved the color green (I mean like sea green). She loved it so much that she had my dad paint her pickup that color! Her greatest pleasure was making other people feel loved. She worked hard, primarily as a farmer and massage therapist, always on her feet, working long hours to provide for her six adopted children.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to share:

Things About my Mom I Don’t Ever Want to Forget

1.) She loved God.

She prayed with us and prayed for others.

It is pretty black and white. Mom taught me how to pray. She taught me about God and his love. She taught me to read my Bible. She taught me to love God and to follow his foot steps.

2.) She gave me her time.

We ate dinner together ALMOST every night. We went on adventures, like looking for arrowheads, climbing rocks, riding horses, chasing cows, the list goes on and on. But above all of this, she gave me time.

Mom, no matter what she had going on, made time for me. She was very good about being “there.”

3.) She shared her love for animals with me.

Her favorite love was dogs and horses. She loved American Saddlebred Horses, while I on the other hand, loved American Quarter Horses. While we didn’t agree on breeds of horses, she taught me how to ride, how to listen and how important animals can be in ones life.

4.) She was a “Mean Mom”!

She always insisted on knowing where I was, who I was with and what I was doing. She was the “mean mom” that made me do chores, milk the goats, wash the dishes, learn to cook and other really unpleasant chores. She was the “mean mom” that had eyes and ears in the back of her head. There was no lying or sneaking with my mom.
She was the “mean mom” that made me pay for my first pickup, my own fuel, my own clothes and made me get a job off the farm. She was the “mean mom” that taught me to dress and act like a lady.

5.) She made my Birth-Day day very special.

Yes, every year on my birthday, my mom made my favorite breakfast. Birthdays to her were bigger than any other holiday. I loved it.

6.) She loved odd food like pig skins, and pickled pigs feet.

While this seems silly, I love it. She was a lady that would try everything. I mean, one of her favorite meals was liver and onions. I could smell those things cooking from the house to the barn. She didn’t let that bother her at all. She knew that us kids didn’t like it very well, but she cooked it and we ate it!! I love all those “odd” things!

7.) She loved to paint.

My mom was an artist. She loved to paint. She loved to paint horses, Indians, cabins, cowboys, scenerys, but most of all she just loved putting images on canvas. I love that she was so creative.

8.) She loved to Crochet. She loved to sew.

She was my hero for sure. She sewed my wedding dress. She made table clothes. She made scarves. I could go on and on. She taught me how to do these things. I am thankful for our time together “learning” how to do these things.

9.) She had faith in me. (even when I lost it)

I am not sure how she didn’t give up on me, but she never did. She was always cheering me on. She was always helping me back up when I had fallen.

10.) She instilled traditions.

Oh the traditions! Mom taught me that traditions are important to to keep up through the generations. I know that some of the traditions that mom had where from grandma. That makes them even better; generations passing on traditions. I am not going to let my end down, I am keeping them going and adding a few to the list.

11.) She lived a simple life.

She lived a simple life, nothing fancy. She just lived within her means.

12.) She always had the best advice.

Looking back, every single time my mom gave me a piece of advice, she was right. Whether it was about being a first time mom or a health problem or a relationship issue, she was always right. She always knew and I trusted her to the fullest.

13.) She let me fail.

She let me fall. She let me fail. She didn’t clear a path for me. She let me learn from my mistakes. She let me learn life-coping skills that I still use today.
As one my favorite parenting philosophy goes: “Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.”

14.) She taught me from a very early age that ‘the world did not owe us a living’.

and ‘how you make your bed, that is how you lie in it’. I could go on .. ‘don’t make a rod for your own back’.

15,) She taught me to be a lady-cowgirl.

Mom was all about looking like a lady and acting like a lady. She would tell me, “Naomi, you can be a cowgirl, but you need to be a lady first.” It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was better to be a lady-cowgirl.

My mom, I would have to say was the best and while I no longer see her in real life, I know that she is looking down on us all. I am thankful for all of mom little lessons, her example and her love.

At the end of everyday, I always thank God that he picked “my mom” to be my mom. She was the best. I want to be more like my mom. I want my kids to have a mom like I did. The one that has stood the test of time from my experiences has been, “Give more to others than they give to you.”

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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