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The Mummy Tag!!

The Mummy Tag

The Mummy Tag

Thank you to Lauren over at Trainee Blogger and Mother for tagging me! This was fun!! Our kids are getting older, so this post was fun to remember them all when they were little.

Are you a stay at home or working Mum?

I am a working ranch mom.

Would you have it any other way?

Nope!  I am doing what I love everyday.

Do you co-sleep?

No. I need sleep. HaHa. When the kids were little and I was still nursing, I would let them sleep with us but I know that we all sleep better in our own beds.

My Newborn must have?

I would say that a must have would be Help.  What I mean is friends and family that are willing to help you with advice, and babysitting.  It is so important that you utilize their help for dates, naps and adult time.

How many kids do you plan on having?

We are done having kids. The factory is closed!

Date Night? How often?

Date nights are so important but the key is creativity. My Cowboy and I don’t head in to town for “Date Nights” but we do find ways to have “Date Nights” at home. Just last night we went to check water for our cattle, it was our “Date Night.”

What’s your child’s favorite show?

Well, I try to not let the kids watch a lot of shows, but they all like shows about animals, western movies and whatever else they look up.

What’s 1 thing you bought for your newborn and never used?

Well, my answer to this is a changing table. Our bed, the floor, the couch and/or my lap was easier for changing than taking them to a changing table. 🙂

Child’s favorite food?

BEEF! with a few sides!!

How many cars does your family have?

Well, because we own a ranch we have a few pickups! We don’t own a car but we do own a Suburban.

Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now

Is this a loaded question? Ok I have no idea how much weight I gained from having 4 kids but I can tell you this, I am pretty tickled with my weight right now. I have a few extra rolls and a my skin isn’t so tight but I am proud of each of every one.

What’s your dream family holiday?

I would love to take the kids to Hawaii. Beaches, and volcanoes sound amazing.

Dream holiday without kids?

It is funny that you would ask this because My Cowboy and I were just talking about going on a 20th year anniversary in a couple of years. I am not sure where we are going but the most important thing is that we are going together.

How has life changed since having kids?

I see everything in a whole new perspective. Having 4 kids is amazing and challenging. I am accepting the challenge everyday.

Finish the sentence. It makes me melt when…

I see the kids being thankful, helpful, caring, honest and when I think of what God has in store for them all. Everyday I am humbled by being a mom. Hugs, kisses and long chats makes my soul happy.

Where do I shop for my kids?

Goodwill, Once Upon a Child, Target, Garage Sales, Hand-Me-Downs

What’s your favorite makeup and skin care?

Umm, I don’t wear makeup very often but when I do, I wear Mary Kay and Cover Girl.

Huggies or Pampers?


Have you always wanted kids?

O yes, I did. I always enjoy kids and knew that I would want my own.

Best Part of being a Mum?

I could go on and on about the BEST part but I am just going to say this:
“I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to be a mom. There are bad days but the good out way all of them. I love the challenge of being a mom. I am blessed and ask God everyday that he will guide me in this life of parenting.”

Mummy Tag

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Happy Tagging!

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