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The Country in the Christmas Connection 2017

The Country in the Christmas Connection 2017

This year I participate in a fun, Country in the Christmas gift exchange. I love surprises and this exchange was full of them. My blogger friend, Robyn from The Ranch Wife Chronicles, invited me to participate. 

The Christmas in the Country Gift exchange was organized by two awesome bloggers, Jenny at The Magic Farm House and Darlene at Guernsey Dairy Mama, which I had a privilege of meeting at AgChat. These two ladies are my dairy heros. Be sure to check out their great blogs. 

Meet my Secret Santa, was Darlene at Guernsey Dairy Mama!! I was so excited when I opened my box. Darlene had sent some many fun things from her little town, Silverton, Oregon.


Darlene include a awesome letter about all these items.

It truly made my day.

“Don’t Share, be selfish with enjoying those!” Don’t worry, I had all the CHOCOLATE CARAMELS. They were amazing.

I appreciated Darlene’s note inside! It was thoughtful and full of history; the Willamette Valley was one of the destinations of people that followed the Oregon Trail because you can grow anything in the valley. In addition to her note, she also sent information on Abiqua Acres. Darlene’s family is rich in family history and I am glad that I get to know about it. I would encourage you all to follow Darlene. She is amazing! I look forward in getting to know her a whole lot more. 
Thank you Darlene for all your gifts.  Make sure to check her out on Facebook.
Not only did I Love getting a “Secret” box, I loved shipping a box of goodies to my “Secret” blogger. My secret blogger was Kerry Wiebe. I had fun, stalking her and her blog, I Married A Milk Man! She lives in Kansas. One of the highlights of stalking her was her love for family and dairy. I recommend you heading to her Facebook Page.  Anyway, if you are interested in seeing what else I sent her, head on over to her blog.

Check out all the other posts from the Connection.

As I read posts from ##TCCC16 I thought about this quote,

“God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there. 

Love this little family. 

Reata loves her coloring book from 

Life is full of surprises. 
Darlene, you are so good. I am in love with this


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