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The Blue Jacket Gives Me Goosebumps.

The Blue Jacket Still Give Me Goosebumps

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Bridgeport FFA and FFA Exec.Committee
I thought I would write a few words about my past week adventure.   It was good for my soul.  You see, I was a sponsor for the Bridgeport FFA chapter as they attended the Nebraska State FFA Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska.
While sitting with the kids in the first session that we attended, I thought of the years that I attended Wyoming State FFA Convention.  Even thou years are past, I still get goosebumps seeing a sea of blue corduroy.  The sea of blue makes me appreciate all that FFA did for me.  I am pretty sure that I would not be the person I am today, if I hadn’t wore the blue jacket.  I am thankful.
I want to share some of the my highlights, some from speakers, and just so random:
When we are born, our only fear is falling and fear of loud noises.  As we grow, we learn other fears. 
A good leader has appreciation of others.  
A good leader has a good attitude.
We need to find out what people LOVE. 
We may not know this, but we have people that need us everyday.  
Leaders are the ones that are making sure everyone is succeeding.
We need a little humor everyday.  HA HA. We need to laugh more.
We have to jump over obstacles. 
The future of Agriculture is not dying. I sat in on some of the competitions, I am so proud of the youth that are standing out and preaching what they believe.
There was over 4000 Nebraska FFA students attending the state convention.
Lincoln is a LONG way from Bridgeport but if you have high school students reading Ghost Stories, the trip doesn’t take so long. (Yes, I believe in Ghosts.  I think they are spirits.)
Coach Riley (the new Nebraska Football coach) is a just as human as I am!! 
Being a high school Sponsor is a little stressful, takes talent, and rewarding. FFA Advisors are Special people. They truly need more recognition than they get. 
I am thankful that we can choose what we want to be. As I looked around at the sea of blue, I thought that we have choices, we get to choose what we want to be.  I am thankful that the younger generation get to choose what they want to be. 
Thank you Bridgeport FFA for allowing me to be your Sponsor!! I still get goosebumps about the FFA! 
I am going to close my blog today with a poem from the guy that spoke at one of the sessions. 
Choose to Love

a poem by Kevin Wanzer
it is amazing in this world today
filled with love and hate
what separates the common one
from the one who is truly great
for it is not the wealth in your bank account
or the stuff in your own back yard
it is instead, what you share from inside
of your loving, caring heart
you do not choose your color of skin
you don’t choose to be born rich or poor
you do not choose to be deaf or blind
wishing you had something more
you do not choose with whom you fall in love
you don’t choose to be woman or man
you do not choose your family at birth
it is all part of a much larger plan
and although for some it’s hard to relate
to the differences others endure
keep in mind there are certain choices
that make you shallow or pure
you do choose to love or hate
you do choose to follow or lead
you do choose to embrace or ignore others
in their time of need
some things in life you cannot alter
but your attitude can change; it’s true
and by doing so you can affect
the people who look up to you
the meaning of life is the greatest mystery of all
but the answer is easily found
it is unconditional love for all humankind
who walk on our common ground
Copyright 2005 by Kevin Wanzer
Husker Herbie was showing off his moves at the
FFA Dance!
Lil Red was at the Dance! 

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