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Summer Chaos

The best kind of therepy is seeing the Nebraska Sandhills!

As the chaos of the summer is beginning; I want to remember the important things in my life.

God, my children, my family, and my friends are all very important to me. Our ranch, our cattle, our horses and our animals all need our care.

Summer on the Circle L is filled with ranch rodeos, trips to the lake, birthday parties beside the pond, brandings, haying, riding horses, bbq’s with friends, fair, checking water, checking fences, checking our cattle, sand hills sunsets and my list goes on and on. I am more than thankful for our summer chaos.

Summer chaos is all about making memories.

Summer chaos is all about watching our kids grow up.

Summer chaos is seeing God’s work every day.

Summer Chaos is all about growing up.

Summer chaos is all about sun tan lines.

Summer chaos is trying new things.

Summer chaos is meeting new friends.

Summer chaos is hearing the bull frogs sing a song.

Summer chaos is starting a new colt.

Summer chaos is watching the new calves grow.

Summer chaos is picnic in the hay fields.

Summer chaos is sweat!

Summer chaos is gnat bites.

What is your summer chaos? I hope it includes hugs, kisses, smiles, laughs and good thoughts. I hope it includes horse kisses and calf licks! I hope it includes family and friends. I am blessed.

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