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Cody Loomis

Cody was born on the Circle L Ranch. His father, Fred and mother, Darlene raised Cody and his 4 sisters on the ranch. Cody and Papa(Fred) raised beef cattle and horses. In 1998, Cody and I were married in the Lone Tree Canyon, south of Torrington, Wyoming.  Four years later we started our little family, purchased a ranch and took over Cody’s parents place.

Today, The Circle L Ranch has 450 head of mother cows, a herd of Quarter horses, a herd of goats, a few dogs, a few lizards and a lot of barn cats. Cody, myself and our four kids have started our story and we want to share it with you all.

Just a few facts about Cody!

Cody is the head cowboy of the Circle L Ranch.

Cody’s favorite color is yellow.

When Cody was young, he used to rope anything and everything. While he doesn’t rope anything and everything, he is a pretty handy roper.

Cody has had a broken neck.



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