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Shine On-Women In Ag

Shine On~ Women in Agriculture~Dallas Duncan

Shine On-Women In Ag
Dallas Duncan

Shine On, Shine On was the subject of a blog post that I did a while back.

Here is the link to my first Shine On, Shine On post!  I have decided that there are a lot of people that help me “Shine” and I am going to feature them on my Shine On, Shine On series.

This year I decided to start a new spin on my Shine On series and add a little more of agricultural spin. I am excited to be bringing you these interviews. My goal is to share these fine ladies stories with you all.  Help me welcome my this Shine On Lady, Dallas.

From historic homesteaders to contemporary cattle ranchers, women have been the cornerstone of America’s agriculture heritage. In fact, the 2012 Census of Agriculture notes that nearly 1 million women are working America’s lands. That is nearly a third of our nation’s farmers.  Women are also scientists, economists, foresters, veterinarians, and conservationists. Women are in the boardrooms and the corner offices of international enterprises, and are the owners and operators of small businesses. Women are property owners and managers. Women are policymakers and standard bearers. Women are involved in every aspect of agriculture.

Shine On~Women In Agriculture featuring: Dallas Duncan

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your career path.

I grew up on a diversified livestock and grain production farm in western IL. My families main focus was our beef cow-calf operation. In school I was always very active in 4-H and FFA and even earned my American Degree. I attended the university of Illinois for college. While in college I did numerous internships all over the U.S and even Mexico. I also did research in the Meat Science and Muscle Biology Lab. In addition, I was on the UofI livestock, meats, and meat animal eval teams. I always wanted to be a cattle buyer so my advisor chewed my ass and said he would pay me to apply for vet school. I applied and got in… I went to Vet school at U of I.

Tell us about your role and what does your “typical day” looks like.

Hahahhaahaha …..ya I don’t have one of those lol the only thing I can count on every single day is that my arm will be in a cows rectum at least once J hahaha

Who is/was your biggest influencer or mentor? What did you learn from them?

I would have to say my dad and my grandpa were my biggest influences. That both pushed honesty and hard work. I definitely learned a lot about cattle from both of them, but work ethic was definitely something they pushed. My dad was real tough on us growing up, but both him and grandpa were definitely my strongest support system growing up.

How do you define personal success? How are you working to get there?

I think personal success is different for each person. For me, I tend to focus on reaching goals and enjoying what I do. Every single day I work to learn more and be a better doctor. Im always changing what I do and I do it to be better and faster.

How do you think a women’s role(s) in farming/ranching/agriculture has changed over the last decade?

I honestly don’t think it has changed as much as some of us would like to think……..I believe the awareness that women are involved in ag has been brought to light. Women, even my grandma, have always been involved in farming and ranching. Sure more women in current times are managers and bosses, but a lot of them have always worked cattle, helped with decisions, and drove tractors.

Learning from our mistakes is an important part of life. Would you mind helping others and share a mistake that you have made and what it taught you in the process?

One of my biggest mistakes is working too much and focusing too much on my job. Family is crucial and so is mental wellness. I lost my Dad, uncle, and grandpa all in 14 months times. I wish I would have spent more times just enjoying being with them instead of working so hard on my career. I think is very important to take time off of work to prevent burnout and to spend time with loved ones.

How would you define “women in agriculture?”

The same as I would men in agriculture. We all get up and go to work and try to do our best and turn a profit while enjoying our jobs.

What in your opinion, is the most important topic in the agriculture world right now?

Consumer education.

What is in your daily toolbox? Planner? Phone? Computer? Special item(s)? Why do you carry it with you?

Phone. I use my phone for client records, account billing, scheduling, email, texting and calling clients.

In closing, do you have any advice, quotes for young women, or anyone that is starting their career in agriculture?

Do what you enjoy, work hard, be honest and fair, and you will find true success.


Dallas~Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer a few questions. I am thankful that our paths crossed. I appreciate all you do. I also appreciate our few chats and I love you sharing your story on SnapChat.

Here are a few more reasons that you help me Shine On:

🌟You have a good attitude on everything you do. I appreciate your “GO TO IT ATTITUDE.”

🌟I admire your involvement in agriculture associations and your community.

🌟I also admire your fun, witty spirit.

🌟Your a hard worker and it shows.

🌟I love that you are fun to be around.

🌟I love that you always smile not matter how your day is.

🌟You make those, myself included, feel comfortable when we are around each other.

🌟Strong women stand together when things get rough, hold each other up when they need support, and laugh together when there’s no reason to.

My message to you, dear friend is Shine On!!
Thank you for just being YOU!

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