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Role Model by Choice

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of our neighbors asked Cade to be on their rodeo team. Cade who is 15, had never competed on a team, said “Sure, I will be on a team!”

The days before the ranch rodeo Cody and Cade could be found in our arena practicing. Practicing roping. Learning the rules. Spending father-son alone time. It was a great opportunity for both of them.

The day of the ranch rodeo, I was nervous and excited for Cade. I mean, really how can he be old enough to be in a ranch rodeo! But I was also excited because I know that he had been working so hard.

Something else happened that day that made my eyes water too. I witnessed a group of older cowboys treat my son like their own. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, all I had to do was sit, watch and be thankful for folks that step up to be role models to our kids.

This is what I saw:

Confidence and Leadership. I saw a group of Cowboys that where positive, calm and confident in not only themselves, but also for those around them.

Uniqueness. I witnessed grown men that choose to be proud of their lives. They all have different stories, but choose to be confident in their ways. They are not fake.

Communication. A vital piece of being successful in a ranch rodeo is communication. Good communication means listening as well as talking. I witnessed great communication between these cowboys and Cade, they all helped him understand the rules.

Respect and Gratitude. Showing respect and gratitude speaks volumes about how other people see you.

Great Teachers. I saw more than just “teachers”! These cowboys are learners themselves. They challenge themselves and surround themselves with great people. Cade saw his team members being role models, teaching him to stretch himself in order to be successful.

Willingness. I saw grown cowboys that were willing to make a difference in a kid’s life. Willingness to help those around you is a great trait to have.

What I saw was true role models. Raising kids isn’t easy by any means, but it makes it easier when you have friends and family members that help you. Today I was grateful for these friends of ours that are true role models for my kids. They possess the qualities that we all should have, and will make us all better people. I saw Cade become more confident. I saw him want to become better.

We often don’t recognize true role models until we have noticed our own personal growth and progress. That really implies that it takes one to know one. Thus, if you are asking the question, that may mean you are well along the road to being that role model already. Don’t stop now.

Thank you Lost Creek Ranch Cowboys for all you did, all you do and for being great role models.

Let’s recognize your role models today.
Tag them in a comment section so that we all can say “Thank You.”

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