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Qwando-A Horse I Won’t Forget.

Qwando-A Horse I Won’t Forget.

2012 Summer I WON’T Forget
Qwando and Me (Do you see his ears?  They are listening to ME)
This summer I lost my horse. 
I know what you all might be thinking but I really, really liked him. 
Let me give you a little history.  Cody brought this horse as a Stud colt.  I believe that he was 3.  He was a Hancock bred horse.  We used him as our stud.  
Cody broke him and they had good times and rough times but they both survived and that’s why I can tell this story. You see Qwando and Cody didn’t really see eye to eye.  One day Cody said “Who are you going to ride tomorrow?” I said “Qwando.”  “No way,” he said and I said “Yes I am.”  You see Qwando had a bad habit of cow kicking Cody.  But I saddled him that morning and that was it.  He never did try to cow kick me when I saddled him.  He was FAST and I mean it.  
I remember one time when he was a colt and Cody was chasing a calf, I am pretty sure that Qwando’s feet never hit the ground he was going so fast.  He could catch anything that was running.  
In 1998, Cody rode him in our Wedding.  Six or seven years ago we decided that we wanted a little different blood in our colts and decided to sell him.  The right buyer never came around so one day I said to Cody I am taking Qwando to the vet and he can be my roping horse.  I am ever so glad that I did.  We were a good fit.  He knew exactly where to put me so that I could rope calves.  Did I mention that he was fast, O I loved it.
Well this spring Qwando was acting a little slower but still was ready to go every branding morning.  I thought “Sweet, maybe he is ready to be a kids horse.” 
Well upon taking him to a vet to see if anything was wrong, we found out that he had cancer.  
After listening to the vet about our options, we decided the best was to lie him to rest. I know that he is chasing cattle and giving rides in heaven. 
He was so Tough.  We could drag calves All day.

Sometimes he was a little High Headed.  Cause he wanted to get the calf to the fire.  I was pulling him up.

This Picture makes me cry.  I will miss him.

Ryder getting a ride.
A good horse gone way to soon.

So with that Story being told
I have another Story to start.Meet SKYE!

You guessed it.  I am starting over.  I got this horse out of a sale.  When he came in the ring a 80 year old man was riding him and had a really good handle on him.  Cody was out looking at some other horse, so I couldn’t ask him what he thought.  So I thought for him.  I thought if this young 🙂 man can ride this colt so can I and I bought him.   So when Cody came back in to the sale, I proudly said, ‘I am starting over.” “WHAT,” he said.  Ha that well teach him to go out around.  Anyway Cody has been helping me with him.  He bucked the other day when I rode him but he didn’t get me off.  He’ll learn that he is a girl’s horse and he better like me. 🙂  Cody says he is his next Ranch Rodeo Horse. So there is a smile on my face when I think of that cause Cody must think he is going to be a nice horse!!
I thought I would post this picture of Reata riding.  I am so happy that all of our kids love to ride.
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