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Our Neighborhood Gathering

Our Neighborhood Gathering
So my blog today is about our Neighborhood Gathering.  I love this time of year and I love neighborhood gatherings.  Neighborhood gatherings consist of hard work, laughs, hugs, good talks, and good food.  I thought I would share a few pictures of our neighborhood gathering with you.
You can find camp fire Coffee.  It is just better.
“I like Big Cups and can not lie,” said Terryn.
Neighborhood Gatherings take willing people.  It takes people
that care for the calves, it takes experts, and it takes willingness.
It takes love, care, and compassion.
A Cowboy learning the ropes.  I am so proud of this kid.  Roping
comes very easy to him.  I am thankful that he is a hard worker.

Our neighborhood gathering is an example of TEAM WORK!

Ranch Kids being Ranch Kids.  A little dirt is good for the Soul.

A cowgirl that LOVES her horse!
It is safe to say that these two have a bond
that they only understand.  This picture
is a worth more to me than any amount
of money.

Circle L Ranch is surrounded by great neighbors.
Cade is a 4th generation Cowboy.
Ranch Kids just being ranch kids.

Reata and HER horse.

Neighborhood Gatherings wouldn’t be Sucessful without
kitchen help. 

Campfire Cooking! It always taste better.
The next Generation of Young Leaders.  I am super proud of these two.

Cousins~ Life is just better when you have cousins by your side.
Cade, Cassie and Kason

Life is quite Simple. Ranch wives are the greatest therapists.
These ladies are very special to me.

Mama and Becky
All you need in life is a Marshmellow and a
bull hole to dangle your feet.  Life is good.
“Little Miss Boss”  Trying to fill her dad boots.
These two fine Cowboys make me a better person everyday.
They truely are making traditions stay Alive.  Happy Father’s Day Cody and Tom.

Neighborhood Gatherings are where traditions are kept.
 Cassie bringing in a calf.
Long Ropes and Smiles are what you will find at our Neighborhood Gathering.
Good Horses and Good Cowboys is what makes neighborhood
gatherings successful.

These little guys well being is what neighborhood gatherings are
all about. 

From the Circle L Ranch~ THANK YOU!

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