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Our Neighborhood Gathering #1

Our Neighborhood Gathering #1

Patience.  Waiting for cattle.
This year our neighborhood gathering was different than past years.
It was our first branding with out Papa. 
We branded only half of our calves. (There will be a branding #2.) Because of situations last fall, we calved all our cows at home; usually we calve at Murphy’s, which is about 6 miles north of our house. So we needed to move cattle earlier than we usually do. 
I didn’t cook out by the branding pen.  You see it was really dry and we didn’t want to start a fire. So I still used pots and I used the wood grill. 
Please enjoy photos from our day.  
My Cowboy and Radar.  What a fun pair to watch. 
Kid Crew.  I am not sure what we did without all their help.
Life is all about helping others.  We are the lucky ones. It warms
my heart, that we have neighbors that come help us, that we can call friends. 
Tom and Bradley. What can I say about this pair? A good
friend, on a good Circle L Horse. We like them both!!
Sorting a few cows out. 
Cade and Daniel.  I have to be honest, this horse is fun to watch.
Reata and Shauna.  Everything about this photo I love.
Kason and Elmer.  A perfect Pair. 
Reata.  This little girl of ours, she’s a star. 
Cord, Cade, Cole, Kason and Zac. These young men are a
highlight to our lives.  We appreciated all their help.

Irons and Flames

We are missing a 3 kids!! I would say that the next generation,
is just getting better and better.  Wouldn’t you say?

Pops and Colleen!  We have adopted them. Love them both.

As long as we have each other, everything else will work out.
I am very thankful for My Cowboy and thankful that we get to have
a branding (gathering) day.

Silly Girls!! (We are missing one~She was nursing
a new baby.  We will catch her at the next one.) 
Girls Friends~we just need them everyday!


Just had to play around.  I kinda like it.  Do you?

Ryder and Sticks.  


This calf and his siblings well being is in our hands. 

Cade’s Cow!! I want to share her story.
At our baby shower for Cade, we were given this young heifer as
a baby present.  She has produced 10 calves for Cade.
What a good present. 


Cade Y.

Todd M.


The 3 Boys

Chaps, Boots and Rope. 

I love his Freckles.

Ty M.

The Girls!

This picture sums up our day… Smiles!

Boy will be boys!!

3 Loomis’s 

Leithead Girls.  

Cade and Nichols coming to the fire.

Tom and Bradley.

Cole and Zac

Logen and Cole

Pops and Guns
Pot of Coffee

Steaks.. Need I say more.  They were amazing. 
Cherry Cobbler baked in a pot is Amazing. 

As you can see, we had a good day at the Circle L! Thank you for all the help.
Watch for pictures from our Neighborhood Gathering #2!

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