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Open Letter to Ranch Bronc Riders

An Open Letter to Ranch Bronc Riders
Dear Ranch Bronc Riders~ You are awesome!!
Dear Ranch Bronc Riders,
Thank you for having the desire to climb on ranch broncs in front of a crowd week in and week out. Like so many others – I LOVE RANCH BRONC RIDING. 
You see, the world of rodeo is looking at YOU and YOU are changing the rodeo scene. 
You are breathing new life into the west. I mean, ranch bronc riding isn’t a new event. Cowboys and cowgirls have been riding ranch broncs long before any of us were around. But now, you are in the arena spotlight. 
And, I think that is awesome. 
But with this spotlight comes a few responsibilities. I mean, did you really think I was going to stop there? No, of course not. But hear me out because while the world is watching, including my sons, you need to remember a few things:
The west was won on hand shakes and words. So if you enter a rodeo you better be there. If for some reason you cannot make it, make sure to call the producer and let them know. 
Be a good example. Yep, I know that’s what your mom said, but I’m here to tell you the same thing. There are people watching your every action. So please tip your hat. Use ma’am and sir. Open doors for the ladies. Watch your mouth. Respect your elders because the next generation is watching. And you know what – we need the next generation of kids to want to ride ranch broncs.
Be kind to the judges. I know. I’ve been on the floor of the arena adding your scores up to show the announcer, and I don’t always agree with their scoring either. But guess what – life isn’t always fair. Scores are one person’s opinion for that 8 seconds. If you don’t like the score, be understanding, use it as motivation for next time, and move on. Really – try it. P.S. Make sure you thank the judges.
Be on time. That is it.
Be respectful. Show respect to those around you – the bronc, the stock contractor, the other contestants, and everyone.
Be humble. We can all work on this.
Be tough, but play fair. 
So as I finish this letter, I want to leave you with this:
As you live the Cowboy way, please remember that you may not get the draw that you want or the score you deserve, but you are a HERO in someone’s eyes. While the world is changing around us, you help reassure all of us that COWBOYS/COWGIRLS still exist. 
Your favorite fan.


I want you all to know that this open letter is not only for those that currently ride ranch broncs, but also for those that have a desire to ride ranch broncs.

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