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My Dear Subway,

 My Dear Subway,

On Tuesday Subway announced that beginning in March 2016 they (Subway) will serve chicken raised without antibiotics and in the next 10 years Subway will only serve beef, turkey and pork antibiotics free.
Subway must be confused.
I am sharing with you my letter that I sent to the Subway headquarters.
I also want to share a blog post that I think you should read that explains a lot more than my letter. Feed Yard Food Thank you Anne!

Dear Subway
Circle L Ranch
Naomi Loomis
14120 Rd 104
Alliance NE 69301
October 22, 2015
Franchise World Headquarters
325 Sub Way
Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA
To Whom it Concerns,
As a loyal Subway customer, I am incredibly disappointed in your announcement to serve only meats that have never received antibiotics. In our small agriculture town, Subway is one of our favorite quick sandwiches stops. However, your decision to use fear to draw business means that you will no longer have my business.
In my quest to understand your decision to phase out conventionally raised meats, I spoke with our local Subway owner. Imagine my surprise when I was the one doing the informing because they knew nothing of the decision two days after it was announced. It is my humble opinion that store owners and managers should be informed of corporate decisions before the general public.
As someone who raises beef, I can tell you that we work hard to make sure that all beef is safe, wholesome and nutritious. Sometimes that means we have to judiciously use antibiotics to ensure the health and safety of the animals that provide that beef. But make no mistake, all of the meat you currently serve is, in fact, antibiotic free.
With all of that said, I urge you to do more research, talk with some farmers and ranchers who raise the meats you serve, and revisit your decision.  I am leaving you with an open invitation to contact myself about how we use antibiotics in our cattle. 
Circle L Ranch
Naomi Loomis

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