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My Blog of Pete

Joanna has done such a good job in keeping this blog updated and for that I want to tell her “Thank YOU.’  But I decided that I could also write a little about Pete.  So here it goes.

As I sat with Pete last week I was thinking about how lucky we are to have Pete and how much I have learned from Pete.

Last Sunday as Cody and I sat in Pete’s room I saw peace and I found comfort.  We were not sure if Pete would be with us come the next morning.  I prayed that I would let God be in control and I would have peace with what ever God discussion would be.  The nurses that day said that we should prepare our selves to make a life or death discussion.  I had a flood of emotions and left there that night with a “Pete, I love YOU.”  I felt peace and reassurance that God is in Control and I didn’t need to worry.

The next morning as I prayed, I felt the need that I need to be more “Simple” like Pete.  When I arrived in Cheyenne and Pete was doing so much better I knew that I need to be more like Pete.

So what have I learned from Pete?
Here is my list:

Willingness- Pete is always so willing to please and to do what you ask him to do.  I would like to be more like this.

Be Tough- Pete is the only person that I know that can hit his hand with a hammer and never say a thing.  He IS TOUGH.  He has shown that in the last week.

Keep Trying- Pete always tries.  And he tries again and again.  I love that about him.  I would like to be one that keeps trying.

It’s Important to be A Buddy- Pete is a Awsome Buddy.  Just ask Mike, Cody and Dad.  I think that life is all about having buddies.  Buddies are so important.  It’s important to have someone that listens.  And Pete is a good listener.  You can talk and talk and Pete just keeps shaking his head.  I want to be a better buddy.

It’s ok to Be Different-  If you know Pete, then you know that Pete loves ranch dressing and Ketchup on EVERYTHING.  I have seen him but ranch and ketchup on salad, potatoes, in his soup, on his sandwiches and the list goes on and on.  And you know what I think, If it puts a smile on your face, then go FOR IT!

Be Simple- As I talked to the workers the other Sunday about Pete.  I thought about how simple we need life to be.  Pete likes simple things like a old yearbook and a pencil and paper to write a letter.  I think that we get so carried away with life that we make it way more harder than it should be.  When have I sat down and wrote an old fashioned letter?  Or when have I stopped and looked at a old yearbook?  Well to be honest with you I can not remember.  What I do know is that, I have been trying to be more “simple”.  I believe that are service to God can also be Simple and I want to strive for that.

It’s Ok to take a Nap- Pete likes a Nap.  I think that naps are good for you.  (I sometimes wish I had time to take a nap but you know last time I tried, the twins had gotten into markers, and candy and and the list goes on.  I learned my lesson.  I had to clean and clean)

You are Never to Old to “Play”- I always loved to see Pete play with the kids.  And he played and played.  It made me smile and all the giggles from Pete and the kids are priceless.

God is in Control- So we all know that there are life lessons.  These past couple of weeks have been a lesson for me spiritually and real life.  It was so hard on me to see Pete lying in a bed, a machine breathing for him and wishing that I could take his place.  But I know that God has a plan for each one of us.  We do not know what that is but I am grateful that we don’t have to fear for he knows.  Like Joanna has said in posts before, we are very lucky to have family and friends that help us.  That don’t give up and that keep praying.  I have been reading in Proverbs.  I love that message there.  It says,”whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.”

Have you learned anything from Pete?  I would like to know.

Thanks again, each and everyone of you that has shown our family what love, care and praying can do.  I am humbled by the phone calls, texts, and messages that I have received.  I think that I can also speak for my sisters as well.


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