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 Mom, My Calf Isn’t In The Trailer.

“Mom, My Calf Isn’t in the Trailer”


A Short Circle L Ranch Story

This is not a statement that you want to hear from your son who just picked up his FFA steer.
“Mom, my calf isn’t in the trailer.

Before I start my story, I just wanted to tell you all Happy New Year. It has been a crazy, busy start but I am ready for what 2019 has in order. Thank you all for joining me on my blogging journey.

Now on to the story of 2018……….

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and Cade decided that he wanted to purchase a FFA steer calf project from a guy in Colorado. While I was hesitant for him to buy a project calf, because he has his own herd, he was making all the arrangements with the seller. It was something that Cade wanted to do. He made the plans and this particular Friday worked out. Cade, who turned 16 this year, and Kason, who turned 14, as support, hooked up the trailer, and headed to Colorado this Friday morning.

Cody and I did what any parent would do……

“Cade, tie the trailer doors with a rope.” “Cade, drive careful.”

My husband and I gave him the “be careful talk”!

“Call me when you get to Sidney.” Call me when you get to the seller’s house.” “Call me when you get your calf picked out.” “Call me when you are heading home.” “Don’t forget your checkbook.” -Mom quotes

I went to work at the feedstore and Cody went on to do his daily chore list. Kason was keeping me up to date about where they were and how they were getting along. “Mom, we made it to Sidney.” “Mom, we made it to Colorado.” “Mom, we just pulled in his yard.”

“Okay, great. Call me when Cade has a calf picked out.”

“Mom, I just picked my calf, we loaded him and I wrote him a check. Mom, I just love this calf and he isn’t black. Mom, you should see his hair. Mom, he is so gentle.” -Cade

and then………

10 minutes later…………………………… phone rings…………………

“Mom, we have a situation.” (My first thought was, “O no, the pickup broke down.” Cade was so calm and never changed his voice.)

“Cade, what is your situation?”

“Mom, my calf is not in the trailer.”

“Wait, what do you mean?” “I cannot see the calf in the trailer.” “Did you tie the big door shut?” “Cade, o my gosh.” “Cade, turn around right now and go look for that calf.”

My stomach was in knots. My fear was that the calf jumped out and would be hurt or dead or the cause of an accident. I called the owner and he was headed in to work. “I will have my dad jump on the 4-wheeler and head out and look.”

You see, they live by a pretty large highway, there are corn fields, and railroad tracks, and lots of traffic.

I silently asked God to help us out. I silently asked God for the calf to be okay.

and then my phone rang again……………………………………

“Mom, the calf is back by his buddies.”

“O my gosh, are you kidding me.”


I have never been so happy to see a mouse-colored steer calf in the trailer! I have never been so happy to see the smile on the kids face when they pulled up that afternoon. 

“Thank you God for all your do for us, our kids and our family,” was my silent prayer.

“Mom, we reloaded him and we are on the way home.”

You see, the calf jumped out the escape door. He must have jumped out when they where still in their yard. He didn’t have a scrape on him.

While this story has a great ending, it also has so many lessons.

Lesson #1 – I am pretty sure that the boys will triple check every door on the trailer next time they leave with an animal in it.

Lesson #2 – I am pretty sure that every time we head out to the corral and look at the only grey calf, we will all thank God he is in our yard.

Lesson #3 – God is here helping us with our kids and our daily decisions.

Lesson #4 – Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Lesson #5 – Never underestimate what your kids can do. Cade and Kason did a great job not getting all upset and just dealing with the problem that they had.

I’m so proud of my boys!

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