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Kimball Ranch Rodeo

Ranch Rodeo TIME!!
My husband and 3 of his friends participate in Ranch Rodeos in Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Their goal is to end up at the WSRRA finals in Winnamacca, Nevada this fall.  I thought I would share some of the photos that I took at the first ranch rodeo this season for them.

Team Name: 
Circle L/HQB,LLC 

Team Members:
Cody Loomis
Bo Lockhart
Aaron Vivion
Ty McBride
Roany~ This is not his first R-O-D-E-O!  He is a great athlete. 

Circle L/HQB, LLC are proud to wear TWISTED X BOOTS!

Picking pretty flowers at the ranch rodeo.

 Learning/ Practicing.
Like Father, Like Sons


Aaron & Ty

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the night.
Dad’s always have a strong arm.
Just a few shots of Twisted X Boots!

Ranch Rodeo takes team work!!

Thank you for looking.  We will see you at the next Ranch Rodeo!!

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