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It’s my BIRTH-Day Month Part 2

It’s my BIRTH-Day Month Part 2

36 isn’t so bad after all.  I have had a great month in celebrating being an year older.  I thought I would share with you pictures from my BIRTH – Day party.

Fruit Birthday cake with Candles. 

 My favorite thing about BIRTH-Days is that we get together. The smiles, the laughs and the talks are better than any presents.

Kacee, Me, Mama, Lacee and Steven~ Kacee is leaving on
a life adventure, I am so excited for her. Mama is a good
example of what I want to be.  Lacee and Steven are newly weds
excepting twins.  I can not wait to be an aunt. They will be
awesome parents. 

Wayne and Lori~I love their smiles and their laughs

Terryn, Tenley, Tripp and Tom ~ This family is very important
to me. 

Amy and Megan.  Amy is a new friend that is amazing. Megan, she
is awesome and she is good for me.
Ty and My Cowboy. Ty is always smiling even when he shouldn’t
be. My Cowboy makes all my dreams come true. 

And you don’t want to be in the middle of them when you
are trying to get a picture!! LOL!
You can count them.  There isn’t 36!!

Cameron, Tanya and Kurt Special people is all you need in
your life.

4 young men that make me Proud.
Kason, Zach, Cole and Cade
Michelle~ I am glad that I know you.  You make my life

 The next series of pictures are for Terryn and Tenley.  That is all I have to say! 

Megan & Terryn~ Babies. I love babies.

I have to say THANK You for all my phone calls, cards, text, messages, and gifts.  I love you all!!

Some days you just have to create your own Sunshine. Thank Mel!!

I can not wait for the next year!

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