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It is BIRTH-Day Month at the Circle L!

It is BIRTH-Day Month at the Circle L!

March is BIRTH-Day month for me but more importantly it is Birth-day month for all of our Mama cows. 
I thought I would share a few photos of My BIRTH-Day day with all of you!!

I started my day going with My Cowboy to check on all our mama cows.  It was great to see all the new calves trying to find their feet and the older ones running and playing. I captured a few photos. 

Early Morning Mama Cow Check! 

A Circle L Pair.  

A brand new baby!  

A Little bit of Our Country is good for my soul.
On my BIRTH-Day I got a horse loving for Dillon.  Dillon is new to our string.  I think that he is a keeper. 
There is something about the outside of a horse that is a good
for the inside of a man~Winston Churchill
The black birds sang “Happy Birthday”!  

After morning chores were down, we had a quick breakfast and all studied a couple verses out of the Bible.  We discussed a little verse in Psalms!

Arise, O LORD; God, lift up thine hand: forget not the humble.
Psalm 10:12

When then headed to Basketball.  The boys and their cousins were participating in a tournament.

I brought the camera for a few shoots.  I sure love to watch the kids play!!

Birthday Basketball.  What more could you want, then to watch
young athletes? Here is Kason.  He is 4th grade.  His team placed
3rd in the Bridgeport Lions Club Tournament this weekend!!
My Niece, Cassie.  I have been watching her play for 4 years.
She is awesome

Cade, who is in 6th grade.  They are fun to watch.

It takes a TEAM to win.  It takes a willing coach to guide and it
takes support for parents to make a TEAM. These boys are going to
go places.

Cade getting his medal. 
The 6th Grade Bridgeport Bulldogs won the Bridgeport Lions Club Tournament.  IT was exciting!!
Thank You Coach for all you do for our family.
Team work is the Beauty of Basketball.
5 People working as 1.
You become SELFLESS.
~Mike Krzyzewski~

After basketball we decided to have a little cookout at the lake. We had grill burgers, cake and root beer floats. Here are a few shots from the Lake.

“Mom, I’m fishing for a shark!” said Ryder
Reata, just being Reata. 

Basketball Moms~ We all have to stick together. Thank you
ladies for what you do for me!! Here is to many more seasons
of watching our kids play ball. 
Ummm, looking for that shark.


It takes a team to eat a burger and have a root beer float!

My Cowboy insisted that we had to have a cake & candles.
Thank you, Cary for the cake. I did make an wish!!

The Lake was amazing.

So in conclusion, March 8 was a good day for me.  I shared it with friends and family.  I shared it with 18 new baby calves.  I got kid hugs, dog kisses, horse nudges, phone calls & texts and the best part of the whole day was kneeling at our bed and saying “Thank YOU”

Stay Tuned for more BIRTH-Day stories. I hear we are going to have more!!

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