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It has been 1 Full Year of Blogging at the Circle L!

It has been 1 Full Year of Blogging at the Circle L!

I starting blogging in January of 2012. I enjoyed sharing some of our stories. I wasn’t consistent in my blogging but did write some.   Some of my early blogs included:

A Blog About Brother Pete This blog about my brother Pete, is very dear to my heart.  You see Pete is disabled and he is very special to me.

A Horse I Will Never Forget This blog is about a horse that I will never forget.

With a little encouragement to keep writing from family and friends, I decided to work on it a little harder.  I did not know that blogging is a full time job.  My head throws around ideas every day.  I have enjoyed putting my thoughts down where you all can read them.  I am thankful for encouragement from blogger Anne Burkholder.  She is amazing and a great example to me.

Blogging has opened other doors for me as well.  I am blogging for the Western States Ranch Rodeo. WSRRA as well as writing WSRRA articles for Rodeo News, Working Ranch Magazine, Nevada Rancher, and Ropers Magazine.

A year later I am thankful for words of encouragement and all the support that I have received.

You Know You’re a Real Ranch Wife When  It is one of my personal favorites.
Here is #1.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

You know You’re a Real Ranch Wife when…………….

1. Your husband uses your hair dryer to warm a calf up.

So Cody and I purchased a calf warmer a couple years ago. It has come in really handy when we have a cold calf. It has saved more than one calf. Well the calf warmer has a built in heater but Cody decided that maybe it would be better to have two heaters! My hair dryer works wonders.

The truth is, I don’t write a lot of things that are all that extraordinary.  You guys respond because you feel, have felt, or understand a lot of what I put into words.
There is a thread that joins us – a connection that grows through the sharing of our humanity.
I am lucky to have a story…
a story that through the telling of my words, I can also echo or mirror some of yours.
As I look at all the times one of you has said “thank you for sharing”…
All I can think to do at this moment is grin through my tears,
and say
thank you

I am looking forward to 2015! I know that God has a plan for the Circle L.

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