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In Remembrance.

In Remembrance. A Tribute. What Papa Taught Me.

Missing Papa gets a little easier everyday
because even though you are one day further
from the last time we saw him, we are one day
closer to the next time that we will see him.
It really is hard to believe that a year ago we said “Goodbye” to our Papa.
Even though we said a “Goodbye,” we all know that it wasn’t our last. In that I find comfort in.This year we have laughed, cried and remembered. We have told stories and more stories. We see our Papa in our kids and in our nieces and nephews.

Today I wanted to write this blog to honor and share my list of “What Papa Taught Me!”

1. To be Godly… sometimes praying for others when they have no idea that you are praying for them.
2. Have Faith. Papa had faith and he showed it everyday.
3. Be an example…. You never know when someone is watching.
4. Have kind words, especially when you don’t want to.
5. Smile.. It makes life so much easier! Still today I can see Papa’s smiles everyday.
6. Be Helpful. Papa was all about helping others out; from the kids to the neighbors he was there.
7. Care about others more than your self.
8. Tell Jokes… We often talk about all of Papa’s silly jokes, and we all laugh and cry remembering what he would say.
9.Always be Happy.  Even in the bad he didn’t complain.
10.Celebrate others’ successes. I can remember when we bought our first semi load of heifers.  Cody and I were nervous, and scared and excited. Papa was excited. “Those will make you some fine cows,” Papa said.
11. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. I can never remember Papa feeling sorry for himself or complaining.
12. Invest our energy in the present.  Papa were always thinking of the positives of everyday life, even though there was rough days at the ranch, Papa always made sure that the day was bright.
13. Work never hurt anyone.  Even in Papa’s last days, he wished he could of been out haying and checking the cows.  I am thankful for his example of his work ethic.
14.  Be a role model.
15. Love. Papa loved all of us. He showed it everyday and for all the Love, I am thankful.
A Memory is a way of holding onto things you love, the things you are, and the
things you never want to lose.

Today, even though I could question God about why Papa had to go, I am simply thankful for the time that we all had with him. I am thankful for his example and I am grateful for all the memories we have. I don’t have to look very far everyday to see the legacy he left.

I am sending a birthday wish to heaven.
This was a few years ago, on August 23.

I would like to end with this, it is for all of us with heavy hearts today:

“You know what, you’re right, it sucks and I hate that we have to go through this, but I’m here for you all…and I’ll still be here for you when you want to cry or when you’re angry. If you need to yell about it to feel better, I’m here.  If you want to vent, I’m here.  And, if you need a laugh, I’m here.  I understand what you’re going through, and I’m here to listen, and I’ll still be here days or years from now.”

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