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I Invite You All…………..

I Invite You All…………..

to the 2016 WSRRA Ranch Rodeo, WSRRA Steer Stopping, Women’s Ranch Bronc Riding & Hubbard Ranch Bronc Riding in Bridgeport, Nebraska.
It is Thursday, July 21 which means in 2 days, Bridgeport, Nebraska fair grounds is going to be full of cowboys and cowgirls.  You see, I am the producer of the 9th Annual Double A Feeds WSRRA Ranch Rodeo, WSRRA Women’s Steer Stopping, Women’s Ranch Bronc Riding and Hubbard Ranch Bronc Riding.  
I am inviting each and everyone of you to come to Bridgeport.  I plan this ranch rodeo with all my might.  I start the year prior.  I try to improve it every year.  This year marks my 9th ranch rodeo.
This year women’s and open teams, will be competing for a Championship Buckle and other prizes.  
This year I added Women’s Steer Stoppers and Women’s Ranch Bronc Riding!  
The Hubbard Bronc Riding is a WSRRA tour stop. Which means that Hubbard Feeds has added $2000.00 to the prize money and that WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riders get double points.  Come watch some good old fashion bronc rides. 
This year I have cowboys/cowgirls from California, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas competing in ranch rodeo events, steer stopping and ranch bronc riding. If you want to watch some handy cowboys/cowgirls please join us on July 23.
I would like to take this time and thank all of those that help me make my event successful.  Being a ranch rodeo producer is sometimes a challenge, but it is something that I like to do. I could not put on a ranch rodeo without help.   
My goal is that when July 23, 2016 comes to an end, I will have not regrets.  I want to see smiling faces.  I want to see the stands full.  I want to reward the hard working teams with a buckle and I want to send two teams to the  WSRRA National Finals. I will be sending a Open Ranch Rodeo and a Women’s team to the WSRRA National Finals. 

With that, I am inviting each of you again to come to the 9th Annual Double A Feeds WSRRA Ranch Rodeo & Hubbard Ranch Bronc Riding.

To learn more about WSRRA please see

I would like to thank the following people:
Darrell Kraupie, Sue Chaulk, Terryn  and Tom Drieling, Bill Kappen, Todd Micheal, Justin Bilby, Cash Isbell, Cody Loomis, Ty McBride, Aaron Vivion, Cary Leithead, Tyrell Oliverius, Cade Loomis, Cassie Leithead, Kason Loomis, Lindsie Leithead, Reata Loomis, Dr. Dean Cline, Kylie Bowman,Glen Amateis, Kord Killpack, Andy Sherfey, Double A Feeds Gals ,and all the WSRRA officials.

I would like the following businesses:
Bunkhouse Trailer Sales, Wolf Auto, Buckaroo Business, Twisted X Boots, Equibrand, Hatch Tack, Kings Saddlery, Cactus Saddlery, Hubbard Feeds, Fast Back Ropes, Wyoming Traders, J Bar D Canvas, The Colorful Cowgirl,  Bridgeport EMS, Bridgeport Vol. Fire Dept.,Morrill County Fair Board, Morrill County Fair Foundation,21 st Century Equipment, Dr. Cline, Ozark Saddle King and everyone behind the chutes.

And THANK YOU TO ALL MY TEAMS, STEER STOPPERS &  RANCH BRONC RIDERS.  I could not be a producer with out all of you.

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