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I am a Feed Sales Woman and that is OK!

I am a Feed Sales Woman and that is OK!

Strong Rancher Woman is what you will find in the Ag Community.
Cassie, myself, Megan, Christine, Terryn and Cary.  Five Ranch Women that I am proud to call my friends and family.
The Strongest actions for a Women is to Love herself, and Shine amongst those who never believed she could~
Author unknown

I don’t hesitate to try new things and in 2000 when I was offered a job as a feed sales WOMAN, I took it.  I have never looked back.

Double A Feeds, Inc. has been my home away from home for 15 years.  My four kids have worked right beside me everyday.  I have never really thought about being a feed sales Woman, until a conversation on social media talked about a sales Woman selling items, seed, chemical, feed etc to her husband.  To make a long post short, she thought it was wrong that the sales Woman should have asked her first if she could ride with her husband, I hope we all understand that this is a marriageable trust issue. You can not hold sales Women responsible for your husbands actions.

I see a lot more men than women on a daily basis.  I can talk feed, feed samples, feed ingredients, supplement tubs.  I can tell you what your mama cows need in the fall and what your bulls need in the winter.  I can tell you what to give a sick calf and what wormer your horse needs.  I am just glad for the opportunity to have a job that supports my family, our community and the Ag community.

My message today is quite simple:

I may or may-not sell feed to your husband.  I am not looking for a good time nor am I going to take your husband from you. I may have some long conversations with your husband, but it is about your animals’ well being. You see, I am simplying  putting food on the table for our four children and helping with the balance sheet of our ranch.  I am trying to do a good job so that your animals have feed.  I enjoy being a Sales Woman!! I am trying to do a good job and enjoy the science of animal feed and helping people keep their animals healthy. 

We all have Women friends that wear men boots.  It is ok. I wear men boots everyday!! I can load 50# sacks of feed and never break a sweat.  Don’t hold it against me.  All that I am asking is that we all consider what our place is.  IT is to encourage and understand.

I would like to shout out to two Women bloggers for their great words.  I encourage you to read their blogs.   I truly believe that we all need to work together.  We all have a story.

Please read Buzzards Beat Blog and UpTownSheep Blogs.  They have said it better than me.

To all the Woman that wear mens boots, keep up the good work!!



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