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Happy Father’s Day from the Circle L!

Happy Father’s Day from the Circle L!

Father/Son Boots
I have been thinking about Father’s Day.  Last year I blogged about Father’s Day and thanked 3 of my fathers but this year I decided to change up my blog. Read about my  Circle L 2014 Father’s Day Post.
This year I wrote down 7, Father’s Day messages that I wrote to My Cowboy.  I thought I would share them with you all.

Thank you for being a partner in parenting.

Being a mom doesn’t mean that I am the leader, and I am thankful that we can parent together. I am glad that we consider ourselves equal on being good parents.

Thank you for helping me with the kids.

From helping me get them dressed, to getting them in the bath.  From answering “BOY” questions to just being a good example.  Thanks for all you do!

You are a Huge part of the reason our kids are so cute.

I am biased and that is ok.  Our kids have half of your genes, which means that you are a good lookin’ Cowboy.  I know that I forget to tell you how handsome you are but this Father’s Day I am telling the blogging world!

You are always thoughtful.

I don’t really think about this one, but seriously, thank you for always taking me seriously about my worries. What a blessing. Thank you for being a dad that keeps me realistic without demeaning my concerns.
Cade pulling calves to the fire.

My Cowboy pulling calves to the fire.

Our son’s absolutely look up to you.

It may seem that our kids like their mom but let me tell you what I hear alot. “What’s dad doing?” “I am staying to help dad today.” “What do you think dad will say?” “We want to go with dad.” I am thankful that our kids know how important their dad is in their lives. 

SSSShhhh but I think that you are more attractive as a dad then when I first meet you. 

What I mean is, my heart beats a little faster when I watch you with our kids. The very fact that you may have bags under your eyes from working so much, or crusty, dirty jeans makes you that much HOTTER!

I hope that our boys grow up to be exactly like you.

It will be a great thing.  You are a great role model and take raising our kids seriously.  I pray that we manage to raise our boys to be as good of a guy as your dad was.

~So do you, My Cowboy, Happy Father’s Day from your wife.~

Kason~ Reminds me a lot of you. 

Ryder~Not only does he look a lot like
you, he acts a lot like you.
I can see this little Cowboy in all our
kids. Can you?

Reata loves horses just as much
as you do.

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