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God~Our Team Captain

God~ Our Team Captain

My Sunday thoughts are quit simple.

God is our team captain.

This is what I have been thinking about,

When I was in school, a while back, our PE teacher would pick team captains. It was then the captains’ job to pick his/her team. I can remember the feeling that I would get when I would get picked. It felt good. Right? Do you remember the feeling of being picked? I do and I don’t ever want to forget that feeling.

That is the same feeling I got when God pick me to be on his team. You see, strong players are the backbone to every team.

But being on God’s team requires some responsibilities. Here’s my list:

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.

Ecc. 4:9

We have to work Together. When we work together, we can double our strength and get more done.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Proverber 27:17

We have to have each other’s back. Being on God’s team is so special. It’s like checks and balances. We have someone watching our back. God will help us if we falter or lose sight of our goal, just like a good friendship. A good friend doesn’t always agree with you, what you do or what you say. A real friend is someone that is willing to challenge you, to be a better person. A team player encourages his teammates to be better players. Teamwork and friendship work in similar ways.

We have to work together. We all have something unique and special to offer God’s team. We must realize the gifts God has given to us through his love, together our team will have so many options and great advatages to share with others on our team.

We have to fill our spot. Teamwork relies on everyone knowing their position and fulfilling it.

We have to love our team mates. Teamwork requires a good foundation of truth and love. This is sustained by the forgiveness of God. We must follow God’s example and forgive each other. We also need to encourage others.

We have to be good communicators. I know that communication is key in any sport. I also know that communication is important when we are on God’s team. Prayer is the key to communication with our God.

To be an awesome team player, we don’t have to be extroverted or indulge in self-promotion. In fact, great team players have all kinds of personalities. All we really need is to be active, we need to participant and we need to play our role. To be an awesome team player, we need to put our teams objectives above our own and take the initiative to get things done without being asked. In the end, our team will win.

So what about being a team captain? Do you think that God assigns some of us to be “Team Captains” right along with him?

I do!

This verse provides the answers, and I love this verse:

Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.

John 15:16

The verse is very powerful, right? I mean read it again. These are words that Jesus said.

“I have chosen YOU”

It gives me the goosebumps to be honest with you.

So what do we need to become a team captain? Do you think that God makes us team captains? Oh, I think he does and I think that we need to know what it takes to be a good captain. Here are my thoughts:

Team captains are team leaders. When God assigns us to be a “Captain” we need to listen, communicate and respects those that are on our team. Being a Godly example is to what I’m referring.

Team captains think positive. Being optimistic really means to be hopeful of something good. When God puts us as “Captain” we need to motivate those around us by saying, “We can do this together”, “I will join you.” God doesn’t want our team to fail. Positive thinking enables us to perform at a level that we would never think would be possible.

Team captains pray for their team. God knows our skills, well in fact, God knows everything and we need to pray that God will direct us in everything, everyday. Team captains know what their teammates are capable of doing and not only prays for them, but also gives their teammates opportunities to succeed.

 Team captains understand that it takes a team to win. I know that it takes a team everyday to help me and my family. Right? Yes, I am thankful for those that pray for my family and I. I am also thankful that God listens to my prayers for those around me. It truly does take a whole team working together  to win our game called Life.

Team captains know their teammates skills. I am so glad that God knows the skills I am capable of doing. He knows yours as well.

Team captains knows their teammates personally. Being a “Captain” takes time. Time seems to go so quickly, but it is actually the most important gift we can give our team. Time. Yes sitting down in the quiet, praying and listening is always crucial. Taking time to get to know our teammates is important as well.

Team captains are mentors. This one is so important and like I started before it takes time. Mentoring will help win this game of life. Listening, giving affirmation,being a friend, loving, caring, giving Godly advice, tips and instructions is all you need to be a great mentor. God is a great mentor example for all of us.

Bottom line: team captains take responsibility to lead all of his/her teammates. If God assigns us to be a “Captain” then we need to make sure we are thinking and acting for the betterment of our whole team and not our own benefit.

The most important teammate that we can have on our team is God. He is THE “Team Captain.” In this game of “Life” we are all teammates. Some of us might be assigned to be a team captain, but we all have the same goal. Right?

When God calls each of us home, we all want to see his face at the end of our race. So why not help each other out? Well this week I am stepping up my game, I want to be a team captain. I want to be a better team player and I want to pick you for my team.

Will you join me? Because I just picked YOU to be on my team and you have some responsibilities to fill.


Happy Monday to you all.

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  1. Naomi,
    I’m behind with blog reading and am sure glad I read this post tonight! I love the way you think, include God in your everyday life and are able to share that through your writing. You always make me think about how I can be a better person and Christian. You do so in an inspiring way that can work in our everyday lives.

    Keep up the awesome Sunday Thoughts!

    1. Robyn~
      Thank you for your kind words. One of the main reasons that I started a blog was because I believe that we all have a purpose in this life and that God knows our purpose. It is really important to me to help others, if I can, along our journey. Thank you for reading and you as well, keep up the good work with your message and story as well.
      Sunday Thoughts, everyday we need to have a meeting with God!

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