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Fun Fact Friday~Why I Prefer NON ORGANIC Food.

Fun Fact Friday~Why I Prefer NON ORGANIC Food.

(Just a little note from me, before you read. I am in no way saying that I disagree with organic farming or food. I actually have a family friend that farms organic wheat and I couldn’t be prouder of their choice. What I am about to say is why I personally prefer to feed my family conventionally grown, non organic foods.)

What is organic food?

Is organics food more nutritious?

Do you know the difference between an organic apple and non organic apple?

These are the questions I asked myself before making my decision. And I am betting that you have wondered these same questions.

Let me explain.

Organic food as defined by Wikipedia:
Organic foods are foods produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Standards vary worldwide, however organic farming in general features practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Organizations regulating organic products may choose to restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers in farming. In general, organic foods are also usually not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives.

So really what organic refers to is the way farmers grow and process products such as fruits, vegetables, and grains without using pesticides and fertilizers.  Organic food must follow USDA guidelines and must be labeled as such.

So is organic food more nutritious?

According to WebMd no one can really be for sure that organic food is any better for you than non organic food. For all intents and purposes, non organic foods are just as safe and healthy as organic foods.Can you tell the difference between an organic apple and an non organic apple?

I cannot.  The only real difference is the price. Organic foods are generally more expensive conventionally grown counterparts because of differing production practices and higher input costs.As a consumer, a mom, and a wife it is very important for me to feed my family a healthy meal. And based on the questions I asked myself and the answers I found, I feel that conventionally grown, non organic foods are the right option for us. They fit our budget. They are safe. They are nutritious. And that is why I prefer to purchase non organic foods for my family.

Do you have a thought on organic or non organic? Leave it in the comments!

Happy Friday!!

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