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Fun Fact Friday~Pop Quiz!

Fun Fact Friday~Pop Quiz!

This is my cell phone and it is dirtier than a Calf’s Butt!
I think I will use a clorox wipe on it.

What is dirtier? 

A. Calf nipple

B. Screen of your cell phone 

C. Calf butt

I saw this question of social media yesterday and with permission, I decided to have a Pop Quiz for today’s Fun Fact Friday.  


Using a SystemSure Plus Luminometer – ATP Bio-Contamination Testing Meter it shows that there is more bacteria on a cell phone than a calves butt. Infact, it showed only hundreds of bacteria. 

A calf nipple had no bacteria.

A cell phone scene had thousands of bacteria. 
Here are some interesting facts about cellphones. (Keeping It Kleen)

Bacteria can live on your phone for more than a week.

Do you ever have your phone with you when you cook? 
80% of food-borne illnesses are caused by inside our home because of our habits. So the next time that you use your cell phone to cook a recipe that you found on pinterest, you might want to Clorox it before you start to cook.

Happy Friday!

My advice today is wash your phones!!

Thank you Patty Sellen for letting me steal your question and for all the information!!!

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