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Fun Fact Friday from the Circle L~ 9/11 and Ag

I am proud to be an American!  (Photo Credit to Kelsey Sherfey)

I will never forget what I was doing on September 11, 2001!  
I was relatively newly wed.
I was a first time mom.
I was working at Double A Feeds and we had on the ABC News Channel.  They were discussing a report that had come in about a plane heading toward the World Trade Center towers in downtown Manhattan.  We watched as the first plane hit and my eyes began to fill with tears. We watched the second plane hit; and I still can not put into words what I felt.
I was overwhelmed! I remember that I prayed for our country, my family, families affected, law enforcement, emergency personal, and asked God to forgive and to protect.  
Fourteen years later, the tragedy is an event that we should never forget. We all know September 11th forever changed our country. We should use this day as an opportunity to teach our children about terrorists. Looking back on the September 11, 2001, I believe that we as an agricultural community, are much better prepared to respond to an attack now than we were then.
We should now turn our attention to the actions terrorist can take to attack farmers and our food system.
We should advocate for amendments dealing with terrorism and agriculture, and for providing more safeguard for farms and ranchers to deal with potential issues.
Consider this: more than 40 percent of our food is imported. Even though we all try to buy local food, and gardens are important to several Americans, the reality is that we rely on other countries for our food. My family enjoys fruits and vegetables from other countries in the months that we do not grow food in Nebraska. Has our food from other countries undergone the same standards as what we’ve raised on farms in the United States and Canada?
Even though we are sensitive about our national security, do we really want to rely on other countries for the majority of our food? Is our food being held hostage?  The increasing regulations, lack of understanding about today’s modern farming and constant scrutiny of American agriculture is causing more food production out of the United States and Canada. 
I believe in the USDA and the FDA; that they are protecting our food. I know they have high standards for the food entering American households. 
So on this Fun Fact Friday from the Circle L, I want to encourage you all to tell your story.  I also want to encourage any questions from consumers that do not understand where their food comes from. 
I also want you remember the men and women that fight for us everyday and for those who lost their loved ones on 9/11!
Happy Friday, dear friends!!

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