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Fun Fact Friday!

Fun Fact Friday!

The greater our storm the brighter our rainbow
Circle L Ranch has had between 12- 14 inches of rain/snow/sleet and hail in the last 18 days. To say the least we are really wet. According to US Climate Data  (Average Rainfall), our average rainfall is 2.83 inches. 
Our roads are so full of water that I have been parking about 4 miles from the house and we have been driving our Big Red through the meadows to get to and from the road.

Fence Posts under water.
One of our pastures that is full of water:
 To see a little of our 22 miles drive:
Snow on Mother’s Day.  I do have to say it was
Our cattle are handling this weather like champs.
They can see the green grass growing!
It is May and the trees have snow on them and the road is a mess.

Snow and rain make our roads a mess. 

Circle L under a blanket of snow.

Mother’s Day, looking out our kitchen window.

Life is better on a ranch!

As you can see, Circle L fun fact Friday is all about the Moisture.  I am looking forward to All the green grass!

Happy Friday my Friends!  Have a safe and Happy Memorial day.

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