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Drieling Profile

This is a profile that I did for a good friend that will be published in the Beef Lover’s Newsletter.
Terryn Drieling is one of the most dedicated, hard working ladies that I know.  She is very active in helping preserve the importance of agriculture. 
Terryn has deep roots in raising cattle.  Her grandparents raised registered Simmental cattle, while her grandfather managed COE Cattle Company in Tilden, NE.  Upon his retirement in the early 1990’s, Terryn’s father returned to the feedlot where he still works today.  Throughout high-school Terryn helped at the feedlot, where her passion grew for taking care of cattle. 
After high-school she attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an emphasis in feedlot management.  Terryn met her husband while in college and her Feedlot Management Specialization Internship at Dinklage Feed Yard Inc., Broadwater Division moved them to western Nebraska.
Terryn and her husband, Tom, currently live in Bayard, Nebraska were they are raising their son, Tripp. Terryn is still employed with Dinklage Feed Yard Inc., Broadwater Division. She is part of the animal health crew which maintains the health and safety of the cattle on a daily basis.  She is also responsible for keeping records for the Source and Age Verified program which allows beef to be exported overseas to Europe and Asia.   Every day she takes care of cattle so that we can have a safe, wholesome, quality piece of beef.
Terryn is currently the president of the Morrill County Cattlemen.  She is also the Vice President of the Morrill County Fairboard.  Terryn is a very good example of how important young people are in the agricultural community.  Every day, Terryn and her husband Tom, center their lives around the welfare of cattle. 
“Beef cattle have been part of my life and livelihood for as long as I can remember, and I am excited to raise my family with the same traditions I grew up with.  I am very proud of what I do every day to provide safe, tasty and nutritious beef to not only my family but families around the world.”

Terryn and her husband, Tom, are huge asset to the beef community.

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