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Doubles at the Circle L!

Doubles at the Circle L!

Wasn’t it just the other day when the ultra sound tech, explained that there were two babies in there?

Wasn’t it just the other day that we brought a pair of car seats occupied by two tiny humans home from the hospital?

Doubles They Say.

Well, our doubles turn six today and I am here to share with you a few thoughts about them doubles.

We got the 2 for 1 deal!!
Being pregnant with our two singletons was not really enjoyable for me.  So being pregnant with twins… I focused on the end result. That and the fact that I wouldn’t have to be pregnant ever again.

Oh the Attention!!
Being pregnant with the twins, and now being a mom to our twins – I kind of feel like a celebrity. I mean when you take the twins out in public, people flock to them. They ask questions like this:
“Are they identical?”
“Are they really twins?”
All this attention is actually a little comical.

You Become a Team.
I can remember the first night home from the hospital with our twins. I was overwhelmed with emotions – fear, stress, baby blues, and running on little sleep when My Cowboy said to me, “It will all work out and I am here to help you.” And that, my friends, is what a team is all about. We both did our fair share of feedings, baths, changing diapers… and guess what – we still are a team.

All the Milestones are Double.
Raising twins isn’t necessary the easiest job in the world. In fact, some days I find myself running in circles, but the best part of raising twins is the all the milestones. All those firsts make everything about being a twin parent worth it.

The Twins Always Have a Play Date.
It is fun to watch the twins play and interact with each other.  From day one they have always protected and watched out for each other, stood up for each other, and loved each other. They definitely will always have a play date.

All the Help.
It is humbling to think of all the help that we have received. From family, friends, and strangers – we have received so much needed help. Everyone is willing to help when it comes to twins. And we’ll take it.

We have Our Own Entertainment.
The good news is we always have a circus show going.  I love the laugh, giggles, fighting (OK, sometimes I don’t love it) and all the activity that twins bring to our home life.

Double the Lessons.
Having doubles around teaches you a lot of lessons. I mean the little things never add up to big things, they always work it out. Love, patience, and everything in between.  I thought I had life figured out, until the doubles came along. Then I really realized I didn’t have it all figured out. I am still working on it.

My last doubles thoughts:
Having twins has done me so much good.  When you have twins you know for a fact that it is physically and mathematically impossible to be perfect, so you learn not to stress about it so much! I’m a much more relaxed and happier person now.  The twins have brought so many laughs and good times to our family. We are thankful to everyone that has helped our little family.

So today, I cannot lie, I may shed a few happy tears, but Happy Birthday to our Doubles!

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