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Double A Feeds WSRRA Ranch Rodeo
July 26, 2014
Bridgeport, Nebraska

Even though I produced this ranch rodeo, I snapped a few photos!!

If you ask any member of a ranch rodeo team, they will
tell you that it takes team work.

Little Miss Reata!!
She gets her spunk from her dad!!

Being a judge is not always easy.  I know that and you know it.  Thank you to my four Double A Feeds Judges for doing the thankless job.

Don’t Judge my Choices without
understanding my reason.

I tried to get a picture of my crows nest help! But they wouldn’t cooperate.  I rely on them so much.  This year I was reminded how important their job is.  Without good timers, without an announcer, without office help, my ranch rodeo would not be successful. Thank you Cassie, Terryn, Sue and Darrell.

I also tried to get a picture of my stock help.  Tom and Dean make sure that the cattle are sorted and put in the ring.  It is a job and they do a fine job.  Hats off to both of them.

Thank you to My Cowboy and family.  They all pitch in more than asked.

At the end of the day, Champions received their buckles.  Cowboys and Cowgirls that participated earned their rewards.
 I am thankful for each and everyone of you that helped me make this day successful.

Double A Feeds WSRRA Women’s 1st Place Team

This year was the first year that I invited women’s only teams.
I would say it was a SUCCESS!
Thank you Ladies for coming!
We are sending our Champions to the WSRRA finals.

Double A Feeds WSRRA  Women’s Team 2nd Place Team
Top Women’s Horse~Becky Cover
Top Hand Women’s~ Audra Austin
Double A Feeds WSRRA 2014 Champions
Pawnee Springs
Double A Feeds WSRRA 2nd place
Lost Creek Ranch
Double A Feeds WSRRA 3rd Place
Circle L/HQB, LLC
Double A Feeds WSRRA 4th Place
Bunkhouse Trailers
Top Hand~ DJ Tidyman

Top Horse~ Bo Lockhart

This year Double A Feeds was a WSRRA Bronc Riding Tour Stop!
That means that the Cowboys would get Double Points for their efforts.
I had 20 Bronc Riders!
Thank you Bad Medicine~Wayne Larsen for helping me put on A SHOW!
Thank you Hubbard Feeds for sponsoring the Bronc Ride.

Double A Feeds Ranch Bronc 2nd Place

Double A Feeds Ranch Bronc 3 Tie

Double A Feeds Ranch Bronc 1st Place

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