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Dear Food Consumers

Dear Food Consumers:


To those that work in acres, not in hours, I believe in You! Do you?

Dear Food Consumers:

A disturbing trend has come to my attention.

We, the people, are forgetting our “roots.” Productive harvest of our foods has changed. Changed you may ask? Only about 9.3% of Americans work in Ag related jobs, causing people to wonder where their food comes from. Those in Ag related jobs, farmers/ranchers, work hard every day to protect our national security by putting food on our plates every meal each day. But…..

With all the marketing technology, misinformation, we the people are forgetting where our food comes from. You see, marketing misinformation has really gone wild. And we as consumers need to know/remember a few things.

When was the last time you visited a farm/ranch?

If you have not taken the time to go visit a farm/ranch, I encourage you to do so. Most farms/ranches are family owned. Ask them questions. I guarantee you will be more thankful for your food.

Have you considered the bigger picture of food production?

With the world population growing, advances in food production are necessary. Meeting the needs of our hungry world, is going to take technology, advances, and constant improvement. It is really easy for we, the people, unfamiliar with world food needs, to complain about dust, animal smells, slow moving equipment, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and other things we may not understand. But consider the big picture, we the people have an abundant supply of the safest food in the world to put on our tables.

Do you know what food production really involves?

Food production involves extensive knowledge of business, respect for the land, ethical animal treatment, and understanding risk management. As we all know that costs are on the rise. The cost of living is at a all time high, and so is the cost of raising food. Farmers/ranchers have the necessary traits to do their jobs well. I would encourage all of you to educate yourselves about food production. I would also encourage you to remember that there are always two sides to every story. So the next time you hear something negative or iffy, please seek out that other side of that story.

So you see, food consumer, I am not only a concerned mom, a ranch wife, a rancher who believes in American food production, I also believe that we, the people need to communicate more with with each other. We need to tell our stories. And I am challenging you to use your critical thinking skills and not let media reports or activist agendas make up your food decisions. How much are you really willing to pay for food? After all, what will our tables look like when our food comes from a different country or our food is too expensive because we, the people listened to misinformation instead of sound science and those men and women working hard every day to bring safe, wholesome and nutritious food to our tables?

A Concerned Food Consumer

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