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Cowgirl Zumba

So I am writing a story about my version of Zumba.  All of you are aware of Zumba, right? It’s a  dance fitness workout.
Well the other day while my sister-in-law and I were pairing out on foot I decided that we were doing a Cowgirl Zumbu class.  Let me explain.
The weather: Partly cloudy, very windy and a little bit chilly.  I had on a winter coat.  And my sister-in-law had on a vest and sweatshirt.  We were sorting pairs from the corral to the pasture.
We were running, jogging, swinging our arms, jumping up and down.  Ok so can you see the picture?  I am pretty sure that we looked like we were in the Cowgirl Zumba class.  I mean by the time that we got all the heifers to the pasture; we had used every muscle in our body and every sweat gland.
I was thinking, every day I do chores.  I make sure that I meet all of our animals needs for the day.   It takes a workout.  I am proud of my Cowgirl Zumba class and if I want to add more to my workout I wear overall  winter pants and Bogs snow boots. 
How do I maintain my health so I can do the chores, take care of my children, manage a feed store, and be a wife?  I eat Beef every day and do Cowgirl Zumba!!
To be continued.

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