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Cowboys Are Not Going Away Anytime

Cowboys are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Cowboys are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Even thou long cattle drives have almost been entirely replaced by roads, and horses and covered wagons by pickup trucks and trailers, real, honest-to-goodness cowboys and cowgirls are not going away anytime soon.

They are still getting up before the sun even thinks about rising to do their day’s chores, care for their animals, and to keep the western traditions alive.

They don’t have to deal with all the hustle and bustle.

The life of the cowboy persists despite most people’s assumption that its been relegated to western films. It endures because it is not just a job that rewards a lot of hard work, it is a guide for living that is learned from an early age and seared into them like their brand on their calves hide. The calling teaches cowboys and/or cowgirls how to be self-sufficient, hard working, and appreciative for the things they have and the things they can do for others.

This is Why:

It is a rewarding lifestyle. Living the life of the American cowboy is very rewarding.  Everyone has different reasons depending on what they do with their time but they all come back to their love for the lifestyle.

It is a great mentor-ship. Cowboys are great teachers from braiding rawhide to leather work, to sewing wild rags to repairing machinery. Learning the trade is something that is pass on to the little ones just started out.

It has old traditions. Even thou technology has taken over, old traditions have been improved.. but has not changed them.  Technology hasn’t changed the spirits of the cowboy, it just helps keep in touch. Technology has crept into the cowboy lifestyle in many way, but cowboys still prefer to minimize the reliance on all modernity. Ranches still utilize cattle drives to move cattle from place to place. They use technology to share their stories, to educate, and to communicate.

The life also requires a particular spirit of determination and courage — a drive to be the very best at something many people don’t even realize still exists.

The “posse” of cowboys are strong. They stick together. They have the same spirit of never giving up, of hard work, spirit and a love for animals and a desire to make a difference. Their courage of life is unique. They are not afraid to go for their dreams. They are tough. They have determination and courage. They have a drive in them to be the very best at something many people don’t even realize still is around.

Cowboys are not going away anytime soon, I see at least one a day!!


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