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Cowboys are Forever


Cowboys are Forever
Some say a Cowboy’s life is dreary
Some say it’s free from care,
Rounding up the cattle from morning till night,
On the bald sand hills so bare.
Just about five o’clock, he’ll roll out of bed,
He’ll fix a quick cup of coffee,
And be on the run again,
The neighbors need help and the fences need fixed,
A calf needs doctoring and the colt needs rode.
The cows are out of grass
The banker needs called,
And a saddle horse needs to see a vet,
Because he ran through the fence.
A cowboy’s life is always changing,
Always figuring next month’s bills,
Wondering what cow will have to go to town
And when he will ever come out ahead.
A cowboy is mostly forgotten
But we can remember the ones still left,
By the cattle in the pastures
And the Beef on the table.
If you would ask a cowboy about his life,
He would tell you that it is better than
A rich man’s silver and gold.
The experiences that a cowboy will face,
Are far greater than anybody could teach.
Every day is a new lesson
Every day is a reward.
We have to be proud of the cowboys still left,
And the traditions that they try to carry on to their kids,
Someday each and every one of them will be thanked
That they helped keep cowboying alive.


by Naomi Loomis


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