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Covalt Neighborhood Gathering

Covalt Neighborhood Gathering

Communicating……………(Photo Credit to Cary)

I know that I have said it before and I am going to say it again, “I love Brandings!”

I thought I would share a few shots with you.


Brandings are a Tradition.
Where you meet your neighbors.
Where you can find a smiles, handshakes and advice.
Brandings are Important.
The cattle depend on us.
We are insuring the health of the calves.
Brandings are Special.
I am thankful for them all.
Brandings are a Tradition.
                           ~Naomi 2015~
Johnny Covalt and Jim Gilroy. 
Joe Pigotti


Wrestling at the finest.


Aaron Vivion

Ned Loxterkamp



One of my Cowboys!

Ol Grey & My Cowboy


Can almost reach her stirrups. 

Kason.  I love his freckles!

Tripp~ Isn’t he a cutie?

“We are going lizard hunting!”



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Johnny~I am thankful for his advice, his example,
and friendship.
Lizard hunting was a Success!

Ol Grey.. Just kinda like this horse.

Cade & Nichols pulling calves to the pot!!

Father/Son Cowboys

Post & Wire… It is how the West was Won!

Johnny & Todd~ Two great people, that I am glad to have
them around!

Happy Friday dear Friends!!

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