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Circle L Well Baby Check!

Circle L Well Baby Check
This week at our ranch we have been preconditioning our calves.
 I think of it as their well baby check. 
Preconditioning prepares our calves to enter a feedlot by putting them through a health program of different vaccinations.  By preconditioning our calves, we are increasing their calves’s resistance to respiratory diseases prior to weaning and boosting that resistance at weaning where exposure to pathogens is generally minimal while our calves are still at the ranch.  Our calves will be better prepared to enter the marketing system or other phases of beef production.  Our well baby check is designed to significantly reduce sickness, lower death loss, reduces being pulled to the sick pens, helps weight gain, and increases feed efficiency once our calves arrive at the feedlot.  
We sort our calves from their moms.
Patience, quiet and handy Cowboys
This mama cow is thankful that we insure her calves health.

My Cowboy sorting!
Ryder keeping the dogs busy.
Vaccinating our calves is a priority to our Ranch and our Calves

Does this calf look distressed?
He just had 2 Shots!

“Thank You,” says this mama cow.

Keeping records is also a very important tool that we use at the Circle L.


My Cowboy

This is probably my favorite picture of preconditioning.  Why you ask?
This picture show our cows relaxing while we precondition their calves.

A calf nursing after his “well baby check”


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