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Circle L Cows go to the OB/GYN!

Believe it or not, cows see the OB/GYN!

#459. She has been part of the Circle L ranch since 2004. 
Believe it or not, cows see the OB/GYN!
Last week the Circle L cows got their yearly examination when our vet came to the ranch and preg checked all of our breeding age cows. Pregging at our ranch consists of the vet checking each cow to see if she is pregnant, making sure the tags of each cow can be easily read, writing down the number of each cow, and back pouring with a de-wormer. My job for the day was to write down all of the cows, their numbers, and if they were pregnant or not.Pregging day is exciting at our ranch!

As I was writing down our cattle’s information and watching, I mentally wrote a list of statements randomly shared by My Cowboy and the Vet:

1. “This cow is not my friend. I choose not to tag her calf every spring.” My Cowboy
2. “She is my favorite cow, I hope she is bred.” My Cowboy
3. “She is bred and her calf is large.” Vet K.
4. “This year has been a different year. We have a lot to be thankful for.” My Cowboy
5. “This cow is open,” says Vet K. “Good, now she won’t run up my rope when I am tagging her calf,” says My Cowboy.
6. “This cow had her calf in the snow bank.” My Cowboy
7. “This cow has been on the ranch for a long time.” My Cowboy
8. “We bought this cow in 2002.” My Cowboy
9. “Naomi, do you remember this cow?” My Cowboy”UMMM!” Me”She is the one that you saved her calf last year.” My Cowboy
10. “Does she have any teeth left.” Vet K
11. “Watch out.” My Cowboy
12. “This cow was out of #206.” My Cowboy
13. “She has been a good cow.” My Cowboy
14. “This cow has good milkers.” My Cowboy
15. ” I saved this cow.” My Cowboy

I had a smile on my face as I listened.This year on the Circle L ranch, we have been blessed with good weather, rain and tall grass. Our cattle are going into the winter looking good. I am thankful that God knows what we need and what our animals need. Here are a few pictures of our day.
Pregging our cows is a family affair. Reata is great help.

Kason and Reata playing on the manure pile

Playing on the manure pile is not only fun but it helps my ranch
kids’ immune system.


Ryder and Reata supervising pregging.
I was also the cook for the day.  I served these cherry bars to
our crew.  

My Cowboy!

One of my favorite windmills.  
Madee~ Can you believe she is 12?

At the top is always fun! Ryder and Kason
Mrs. Barn Cat looking on.
Reata and Charlie.  Can you tell that Charlie loves the kids?

King of the Hill

Ryder just being cute!!

My Cowboy, making the tags readable. 
Vet K. plays a very important role in the success of the
Circle L Ranch.  

Circle L cows after they have seen
Vet K.  They are happy and content. 
At the end of the day, as My Cowboy and I sat down to discuss the day, we each agreed that we are thankful for the career path that we have chosen.  With God at our side, good neighbors to help and good Vets, we are assured that we are doing what God wants us to do.

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