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Circle L #2 Branding

Circle L #2 Branding

We may not have it all, but we have each other. 
I thought I would share with you all, a couple shots from our #2 branding. This year has been so different.  It seems like everything that we do on “normal” years, we can not do this year. 
This year has been so wet that we could not get into the house with a vehicle, we used a four-wheeler or a side-by-side for months to get in and out of our place. 
Branding pens are under water, so we had to brand in 2 different bunches.  
The green of our ranch is amazing and we are very thankful for the wet.  
We are also thankful for All the help that came to the #2 Branding.  We are truly blessed and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t thank God for what he has given to us.
Kason & Cassie
Megan V. and Hawk
Reata & Cary bringing the Circle L Cattle in!

Our little Cowgirl!

Freckles and red hair….We love our Kason!!

Ryder & Mama…. Mama we love you!

O Boy!! Is all I have to say.


Yep, he is growing up into a fine, young Cowboy!

Kason & Cassie… That is all I have to say!

Megan V.  

Ryder & Tripp… Do you see what they have? 

I don’t know but I really like this photo and wanted to share it with you.

Wild Flowers are so pretty. 

BEEF… Builds Beautiful Bodies!!



Cole… Love this kid.

Coote M….

Lori and Preston…This is his first branding.

Cody I.

Little Miss Taggert..  Isn’t she a cutie?

Todd M.

Cade… Where has the time gone? He is growing up way to fast.

Cole.. Cade and Cole started preschool together, and now they
are starting Middle School together.  Where in the world does time


Johnny.. Thankful for this neighbor. I often call for advice.

I really like this photo.  It reminds me
that we all have a past, a present and a future.

Tom and Coote

Terryn.. Friends like her, make me want to be a better. 

Cade… Is it sad that he can out rope his mom?

Wayne.. Lori I think we should keep him!!

Lacce and Porter. This was his first Branding

Ty & Chrome

I really like this photo also.  It reminds me that it takes TEAM
Work to make things work.  Thank you Cody, and Tom for all
you do for us. 

Aaron V. 

Tom T.

Dean and Wayne… We will keep them both!!


After branding a few of us went to the Circle L Lake!!
Cole in the paddle boat.


Wayne & Lori

and then we shot some clay pigeons.  All in All it was a good day at the Circle L!!

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