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Christmas Letter 2011

December 2011
Happy Holidays from our family to yours. 
Usually I don’t take time to write a little letter but this year I thought I would turn over a new leaf and attempt to write a little note to let people know what we are up to.
With every day comes new laughs, tears and memories.  Every day I am reminded how important every word, every footstep and every action is.  We have 4 little people that like to do the things that we do.  With that I am reminded what it tells us in Romans “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” 
Cade-He turned 9 this year.  I am not sure where time has gone with this little boy but he is turning into a mature young man.  He is in 3rd grade.  He helped Cody in the hay field driving a mower, and he has been feeding the cows this winter with the HydraBed.  He also took his horse to fair in which him and his horse, Nichols, won All Around Junior. He is Papa’s left hand man.  He goes every morning and gets the babies out of bed.  He is such a help. 
Kason-He turned 7 this year.  Kason is full of fire.  I mean it.  Actually he loves firecrackers.  He is in the 1st grade.  He enjoys helping his dad and riding his horse, SIS.  In fact if Cody is saddled up so is Kason.  He loves to ride.  He loves to be outside.  I will look outside and he will be making something out of wood. I see him ridin some broncs some day, cause he is sure full of it.  He enjoys feeding the pigs and helping me with the babies.
Ryder-He turned 1 in September.  He is the “Quiet” twin.  He is a very good baby.  He spends his day with me at the store playing. He loves the dogs and he loves to ride the horses.  This summer it is going to be a sight when we have all the kids saddled.  Their faces when they are riding are priceless.  I cannot wait.  He is all boy, he loves to wrestle with Kason and the dogs.  He can say words like moo, da, mom, uh oh, pup, more and other things that I’m not sure what they mean. 
Reata-She turned 1 in September.  She is the “UnQuiet” twin.  She is very out spoken and lets everyone know what she wants. She also loves the horses and to ride with us.  She spends her day at the store writing in her little book with a pen.  It is very cute.  In a lot of ways she reminds me of me.  “O my” I say.  She says words like moo, mom, da, more, uh oh, pup, and other things that I’m not sure what they mean.
Cody and Me- Well we spend our days chasing our dreams.  This year we have been married for 13 years. Cody and I keep busy with the ranch work and other. J  Most of you know that Cody broke his neck this spring.  He is doing good but what an experience that I will never forget.  I realized that Prayer is a mighty source. Cody also qualified for the National Final Ranch Rodeo in Nevada this fall,  We all went and cheered him on.  In fact there were 17 of us that made the trip.  It was a 1200 mile one way trip.  Cody works part time at a local feedlot and day works when he has time!  In his other free time he starts some colts. In his other ‘FREE’ time he is busy making sure the cows are fed, watered and in.   I am recovering from shoulder surgery.  I am still working at the feed store in Bridgeport.  Most days my feet are running.  In my “FREE” time I enjoy helping Cody with the ranch work and enjoy riding my new colt.  I am reminded everyday how important “Life” is. We try everyday to be Simple.  Reminds me of a quote I saw the other day, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.” I am thankful that I have a source to go to for guidance and friends and family that have encouraging words and prayers.
So from me to you, thanks for being our friends, each of you have a special piece of our puzzle. 
If you are ever close to us please stop in and see us.  The door is always open.

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